Coker Discussion Thread

try hooking it with the rubber thingy. it works good for me

I was going to try putting the rubber thing under the velcro thing

Despite the sharp corners on the T7 handle it is surprisingly hard to catch yourself on them during a UPD. The only time I remember really getting the handle in the leg was during a failed attempt to rolling hop a log across the trail. I can’t complain to much though, it is a touring handle, not a MUni handle:)

I really like the handle for on the road though, It really helps stabilize my ride and basically eliminates wobble

Aha! That’s awesome stuff :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear that it’s working for you… I have just been given one for Christmas by my parents :smiley:

The instructions say it’s not shock-resistant though, so I’m thinking I won’t put it on the frame / handlebar of my coker mostly - I don’t want it to shake to bits.

I’m not really sure how seriously waterproof it is. It sounds like it’ll cope well with spray / rain / occasional drops in a puddle. But the depths quoted on these things are often for “ideal” conditions and you can’t always get away with such a depth in “real life”… I’d love to be able to use it to shoot footage under water but I’m not convinced it’ll stand up to that!

Please post vids of what you get out of this thing! I’ll see if I can get some footage out of my camera too - should be awesome.

I’ve hurt myself on the T7 a number of times during UPD’s. I find that depending on the point you come off your knee can get caught under the handle and it can cause problems with runout on landing or it can rake down the inside of your thigh as you go past it.

I still wouldn’t get rid of it though, I love my T7 handle it makes distances on the 36er so much more comfortable.


that’s where we differ then. I just usually sprawl on the floor, luckily I have lots of padding.

Thanks for all of your responses about the T7 and UPD’s. I guess it is a yes and a no. :wink:

Probably the best thing for a newb (or chicken if you will) like me would be NOT to put a handle on it until I’ve gotten used to riding, mounting, and dismounting, oh… and using the brakes :astonished:

I’m padded too, Cathy. But even my padding wasn’t enough to save me in a bad UPD. I’ve only had one… but one was enough. I wish I bounced better. :smiley:

How many of you have a brake on the biggun and those who don’t, do you want one? I feel like I don’t need one, but some riders praise it

I have one on mine, but even though I don’t use it much…it just looks cool!:stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, with my 114mm cranks, I will use it (sparingly) on really steep descents, especially if I’m going fast.

I have a big postman’s horn, so it looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:
Yesterday while riding on melted snow I realized that I need the plastic thingie that keeps drops falling on your back (don’t know the english expression :D)

Here’s my brake setup, and air horn…it’s way loud!:stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and the cranks in the pic are torker lx 127’s. They seem really long now since I’ve switched to the qu-ax 114’s. I still use the lx cranks for coker MUni.

I currently have a stock 36" Qu-Ax with the horn, but I’m thinking of buying a KH freeride seat, somehow getting a handle and maybe some coloring…:smiley:

a fender? I’m going to need one of those too.

I hd a brake on my 36’er originally but I took it off bcause after a few UPDs the lever broke and the brake just got in the way. I used it once, and ended up sprawled out on the ground.

that silicon gel stuff can be smeared on the double O-ring and the camera is then ready to be used in a swimming pool do a search on youtube and you’ll see it gets pretty good shots underwater. I’m not worried about it shaking to bits when it’s mounted on the unicycle I’m worried about the ground tearing it to bits on a UPD.

I think I saw a good one in a supermarket today. But the seatpost is already taken by the horn:D

haha, I need more room on my 36’er too, I put a front light and a rear light on the seatpost and a cyclometer on the T7 and I’m already running out of room to put new stuff. I don’t know how Terry fits so much stuff on his 36’er

Lucky for me, I don’t ride at night :smiley: So, I don’t need lights. Maybe a cyclometer and a bottle of water if I get a handle

Ah really? That’s good to know, thanks! Did your silicon grease come in a tiny container with “Do not eat silicon gel” stamped on it? That made me laugh a lot :smiley: Seems like a good rule to live by, though.

That’s sort-of what I meant… I think I can probably find somewhere on the seatpost / T7 where the camera won’t hit the ground directly (on level ground, anyhow). But even if it doesn’t hit the ground directly it’s going to getting shaken up mightily when the uni hits the ground… That kind of shock is a bit of a worry, since I expect that eventually that’s going to break the camera - the question is how much it can take.

I think I’ll keep it mostly on the helmet mount and only put it on the uni when I need to, if at all.

yeah my gel came in a container that said that it made me laugh to. I don’t think I’ll ever mount the camera on the T7 either, I think I’ll stick to mounting it on my body mainly my arm or my helmet