Coker Discussion Thread

I tried mounting once without holding the tire and the wheel rolled back under me, the pedal grabbed my leg and I landed on my arms. Lucky I was able to catch myself. So, I don’t want to do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

same here, yah for short people :smiley:

rolling mount can solve that… I think…

Yay! did you have to modify your frame to fit? I got lucky and just had to cut the seatpost down really far. The T7 is on top my seatpost clamp… they practically touch that’s how small the seatpost is on my 36’er

Does it work even when there’s the back part of the handle? I don’t know what a rolling mount looks like on a coker

Okay, I remember there’s a video…I’ll find that

yah, in Sep when I got it I had to cut off about .75 inches of the Nimbus-36-SE for the T7 to otherwise it would have fit just fine, now it’s not nessary because I have 110mm’s and have grown (yey!:D)

Here’s a few 36er mounting methods, including rolling:

(Mainly for those who may not have seen this yet)

haha, I haven’t grown for a while… I think I’m done growing… which is sad because I want to be 6ft and I’m 5’ 6" or something, all my friends are taller and still growing…


yeah rolling mount works just fine with a T7. I have one.

Sorry about this It will only let me post one image, it’s #2,3,4 in this photo album:

Me too

but yours is very special (plus it’s purple:D)

Good point! Actually, I tried rolling mounting a bit when I first got the 36" and quite liked it. I just need to get it a bit more reliable so that I don’t take out random pedestrians in the process :wink:

Static mounting is actually a load harder with short cranks than I used to find… Probably because the saddle is a load higher, I guess.

I started to do a rolling jump mount on my 36er when the roads were first covered with snow and find that it is the easiest way for me to get going in the snow. I think I am going to keep doing the rolling jump mount when the snow melts as it gives me a fain amount of forward momentum to start with.

At first it is a bit scary running and jumping onto something that high with the extra complication of a T7 but I have not caught my legs on the handle yet and now find it much easier than other mounts on my 36er.

Yeah, i did rolling mounts too when i had my coker too also. :smiley:

Do the new cokers use imperial or metric size bolts/nuts/etc?

Just wondering if I would need to buy new tools if I buy one.

I would assume metric. It would be silly to go back to imperial.

Well, it is an American product and we (for some reason) still use the Imperial system for a majority of our products, I’d expect the new coker to use Imperial.