Calling all ottawa unicyclists!

Victory and I want to plan a meet in Ottawa for this sunday. It would run from 12:00 till everyone leaves. It would be outdoors.

Heres the thing. I dont know where to have it! If anyone has a suggestion that would be cool. So, reply if you want to come and/or if you have an idea for location. We will hopefully get a lot of people to come and pick a great location… oh, and have fun. Lots of fun :slight_smile: !

I was talking to a biker friend of mine and he was saying that there was some pretty sweet rocks and stuff underneith the rideau center.

It’s pretty sweet that you organized something though.

Yeah, downtown in general is a good idea. You in?

Definatly, Hopefully I will get my trials parts in time, otherwise its time to use my crappy learner as a trials again.

I think its a good idea that we do it downtown as that way it means, more people can probably come. Also we probably wouldn’t have to compete with the nanaimo park people as thats in Kanata.

A good meeting place actualy would probably be the park across from city hall downtown.

Well, for one its not in Kanata. For two, the Nanimo park meet is canceled this sunday. So, I figure its a good time to start orginizing some meets somewhere else. Ill take more suggestions for place too, but im thinking of starting at sparks st. Im not quite sure if we can ride there though :wink:

i wish i could come but i wont be able to mae it into ottowa by sunday…dang

My guess is sparks will be pretty packed but its an idea. and since its cancelled we will probably have a much better turn out which would be nice.

Yeah, i guess i’ll come out too, since i liv downtown. Sunday is supposed to be pretty cold though (3oC high), but whatever. My suggestion, like always, is to meet at the UOttawa campus, but it’s up to you guys. I went riding there tonite, and most stuff was pretty clear. Ryan could probably meet us there too, since he livs on campus.

hey guys,
I was talking to scott, and we concluded that meeting in front of city hall is the easiest place (you know, just across laurier). That’s pretty easy since that whole are is pretty wide open, and no one will get lost.
anyways, I don’t mean to take over the whole planning of this… but that’s my 2 cents.
tell me what you think…


p.s. i guess i didn’t say it in this message… but i’m up for a ride, wherever we meet.

I agree with the front of city hall.

It’s easy to find, easy to get to and fairly central.

Ok, i agree too, it looks like it will be infront of city hall. If you are going to come, could you please send me an email: eevench[at]gmail[dot]com. That would be good :slight_smile: . Um, it might be cold, like hecklar said, but it probably wont rain :smiley:

It should be good :slight_smile: shall we stay at the city hall or move around? I think that its probably a good idea to bring some supplies incase we need them, so im willing to put some stuff into a backpack. Some safety stuff is probably a good idea.

Looks good to me but we’ll only be getting into Ottawa around 1:30 or so… I don’t know how far from the park you guys will stray.

Karl, Devon and I will be there. And maybe Thomas and Charlie if they decide to come.

It’ll be an awesome day for riding. I don’t know what you guys are talking about regarding it being cold. Compared to the last few months it will be like summer!

I’m sure we’ll be moving around to other areas downtown, as there isn’t really that much at City Hall to ride on.

See you Sunday!


You lucky guy’s. I wish I was able to attend, airfare to Canada…


darn that would have been sweet if me and beener could have came but all modes of transport are in the shop. i possibly am coming in on the 8th of april… is this going to be a weekly thing?

yeah, you guys must not ride in the winter… but 3 degrees is like a heat wave!! woohoo.
I just got back from a ride, and it looks like everything is drying off. This will be the best trials (outdoors) you’ll have ridden since the fall! I’m getting kinda stoked for this ride now, see you all there!


I suggest that we locals all meet at City Hall at noon. From there we can head to campus for 2 hours, and then meet the foreigners back at City Hall at 2pm on our way downtown. If 2 hours is too long for campus, then we can meet at 1pm instead of noon, and only ride for an hour before meeting the other kids.


Hecklar, that sounds good. Im not sure what kind of stuff there is to ride on at the campus, seeing as I haven’t been there since summer. It looks like we are going to have a lot of people. Yay! Im probably going to be the worst on there, but meh.

Could this be a weekly thing? Sure, if people are going to show up every week then it could very well be a weekly thing. I think I can make it on the 8th, but lets take it one week at a time.

And yeah, after riding in -10 weather, 3 is warm :slight_smile:

Um, the exact same things that were there in the summer are there now. haha. I guess you mean that since you may not have been good enough to ride anything, you never bothered to look in the summer. That’s how it always is for me too. As soon as i get better, i suddenly recognize new things that i’ve seen a million times before. Don’t worry though, campus has everything for every level of rider. I’ve been riding there since my first week. It has everything from curbs to 6 sets (and 15 sets). It has cement benches, ledges, skinnies, posts, gaps, etc. I suck and Ryan is Ryan, and we can both ride there, so clearly there’s something for everyone.

Don’t worry about sucking. I’m pretty lame too. I’m sure you’ll get some pretty good laughs watching me suck. It’s Ryan and Jason that you have to worry about.

This could be a weekly thing for me, Ryan, and you, since Ryan livs on campus and i liv on Rideau St., but i doubt that the rest of them will want to hike downtown from Nepean all the time… at least they haven’t seemed to want to in the past. It would be cool for it to be a weekly thing, though.

Actually, tomorrow is said to have a high of 7oC now, with variable cloudiness. That’s sounding a lot better. I’m stoked. Maybe i’ll go out today too.

If you’re going to be coming downtown to ride all the time, and you have MSN, then please PM your contact to me. It’ll be easier that way.

Final plan:
Meet at city hall: 12:00
Ride around city hall till: 12:15
Go to campus… Back to city hall at: 1:30(ish)
Pick up whoever couldn’t make it for 12:00…
Decide where to ride for the rest of the day (not too far from city hall) Of course, we can move around a bit depending on what people want to do.

If anyone wants my cell number, PM me. I will give Victory my number just incase.

So, show up at city hall at 12:00 or 1:30, or try and find the guys on unis :wink: ! I think that parking should be free on Sunday. Which is a very good thing for the people driving :slight_smile: .

Anyone have any revisions? I probably screwed up somewhere :roll_eyes: .