CA MUni Weekend 2006: Results and Thank-you's!

The eleventh-annual California Mountain Unicycle Weekend was a success this past weekend with lots of great rides and activities, and no major injuries! This weekend will be remembered as the one with the most last-minute changes to schedules and locations, creating some confusion and additional driving but fortunately only for relatively few people. Due to the Bassetts fire up near Downieville (blocking roads leading to the ride area), we changed the schedule as of Thursday! I’m only aware of two cars that headed up there and got turned around at roadblocks. I’ll know in future to specify cell phone #s on the registration forms.

So Friday’s ride was changed to the Tahoe Rim Trail, the ride we originally had planned for Sunday. There were over 50 people on the ride, in sunny but cold and windy conditions. We had great fun, and several people got stunning pictures of themselves posing on rocks with Lake Tahoe or other big views in the background. Many people learned that day that Miles Ornish (Mornish) is a unicycling fly who can stick to walls! He’s good.

Saturday we had another very large group on the first section of the Hole In The Ground trail, right at the Donner summit. From there we rode a couple of miles, uphill all the way, to a beautiful overlook spot at one of the trail’s high points. I now know that Castle Peak has its name because it looks like a big castle (duh)!. All but two of the riders then zoomed back down the way they came up. Kris Holm and Beau Hoover decided to tackle the whole 12-mile trail, which contains lots of climbing up and down around the 7-8000’ range.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to do our Trials competition at Donner Ski Ranch a few miles away. A big team of volunteers built a Trials course from scratch in about an hour! This was natural Trials, in a rocky area a little south of the Ski lodge. Spectacular scenery and sunshine for the competition! I’ll post the results in the next post to keep things neat. In short, the big winner was one of the guys that had ridden 12 miles that morning…

After the Trials competition we returned to the lodge area, where a benefit was being held for local athlete Kyler Smith, who was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident over the winter. In exchange for using the Donner Ski Ranch facilities (and insurance), we helped out with the fundraising. donated a brand new KH 24" Freeride unicycle, which we raffled off at $5 a ticket (5 for $20). Lots of tickets were bought by the unicyclists, as well as other people at the benefit. We raised $960, and 100% of that went to Kyler. Who won the unicycle? I can’t remember! Help please.

We also did a mini-public show. Due to the lack of pavement in front of the speakers and audience area, we just had Drew Brown from Austin, TX with his juggling canes. I’ve never seen anything like it, and he had it very well choreographed to music. Very cool! For the reasons above, we were not able to fit in a Street Freestyle competition.

Saturday evening we served up a community BBQ dinner in Truckee River Regional Park in town. The food came out great, we had a little folk band (local riders & friends) playing some music, and we gave out the prizes and “schwag” (stuff from our sponsors). Thanks to, Bedford Unicycle, Kris Holm, Hudson Moore (Pedal Protectors), Rod Wylie, Nathan Hoover, Jess Riegel, Rolf Thompson and many others for donating prizes to the table.

For Sunday’s ride we still had our eyes on Downieville, but there were still road closures in the area, and the possibility of wind changes sending ash and/or bad air over the trail. So we instead went to a similar ride we call Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in South Lake Tahoe. This turned out to be about a 10.5 mile ride with around 1500’ of climbing and lots and lots of gnarly technical downhill. There were more than 35 people at our single “everybody” group stop, but I never got a complete count because some left before we did our group photo. In any case, more than double the previous record for that trail.

I hope everyone made it safely home and had a great time. See you all next year in Santa Cruz, where Corbin Dunn, Sara Williams and Jason Heimann will be your main hosts. Nathan Hoover will organize Coker/29er/long & fast alternate rides (on dirt) along with the usual highly technical MUni rides. It may be a while for details, but Santa Cruz is the base location.

A huge thanks to all the dozens of people who helped out this weekend! Events like this, on such a shoestring budget, are not possible for a small handful of people to do. Tons of people pitched in and made it the success that it was. Thanks to the cooks, grocery-buyers and setter-uppers at the Saturday dinner. Thanks to the builders of the Trials course, the dozen-or-more judges, and everyone who made all traces of the course disappear when we were done and packed out the trash. Thanks to the guy who gave up the bearing on his Torker so Leonard Ponce could ride his (broken) unicycle on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who made phone calls or otherwise helped get the word out on the venue and schedule changes. Thanks to Jeannine, Eric, Rod and Nathan and everyone else for helping out with cabin stuff. Thanks to the Johnson family for all they do, from providing a big “MUni bus” to housing, to advice, local venues and dinner. And thanks to everyone I didn’t list!

Registration details:
My registration list has 82 people on it. Six were pre-registered but were unable to make it, leaving us with about 76 participants. This may be a MUni Weekend record! A few participants managed to make it through the entire weekend without giving me a registration form (not just Jeff, but Dan, Chris, and possibly others). A few people also still owe a registration fee and I’ll be sending you emails. Don’t worry so much about the forms at this point, guys… :stuck_out_tongue:

We might also have set a new record with most # of states/locations represented. We had 48 participants from California. The rest were divided between British Columbia, Ontario, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, and I think New Jersey, but registered as New York. Our first registrant was Hudson Moore from Ohio, but he couldn’t make it.

More about them in a following post…

I Want Vid’s And Photos!!!:d

I had a great time (and Perry did too!) even though we missed Sunday’s ride due to our pre-dawn departure. Thanks to John Foss and everybody, especially KH, who gave me tips and advice on big drops that worked the first time out!

Trials Competition

Here are the Trials results in full. Using ribbon tape, duct tape, paper and sharpies, we were able to create a pretty amazing Trials course on the natural terrain of the Donner Summit. Look to the left at my avatar photo (assuming it hasn’t changed since) to see an example of the terrain. This picture was taken very near to where we did our comp.

Most of the lines the guys created could be ridden in both directions for two different challenges, except for three high-consequence ones that were built for up-only. It was spectacular to watch the action on these various lines, all except for #9. We took that one down because apparently it included a bee’s nest of some sort, in a crack in the rocks!

Riders were divided between Novice and Expert categories. They wrote “Pro” on the paper, but I still lik to think of pro in the traditional sense, which means getting paid. I don’t think our prizes count.


  1. Miles Ornish (13 lines)
  2. Spencer Hochberg (10)
  3. Scott Bond (6)
  4. (TIE) Teddy Ressler & Matt Aaron (3)
  5. (TIE) Kyle Johnson, Mike Menichini, Eric Anderson, Rod (Wylie??) (2)
  6. “Nice try” Erik Douane


  1. Kris Holm (19)
  2. Jess Riegel (17)
  3. (TIE) Cody Williams & Justin Sprague (16)
  4. Mike Clark (13)
  5. Brian Lundgren (11)
  6. (TIE) Josh Schoolcraft, Corbin Dunn, Brian Cameron (9)
  7. Jason Heimann (7)

Contest was done in a one-hour time limit. Contestants appreciated the long amount of time (considering # of lines and # of contestants) due to the altitude of 7000’+.

An awesome muni weekend indeed. I have about 75 decent shots and videos I have to upload later. It’s always great to see a growing and diversified community of riders so dedicated to the sport every year.

T-shirts, get your T-shirts!

We still have a few left. I should take pictures and post them, though maybe one or more of you out there can get them up quicker… :roll_eyes:

Shirts are a pale, stone-washed blue with dark brown ink, and a little red. On the front is a piece of pen & ink-looking art donated by Cody Acevedo (add him to the Thanks list). On the back is the word “UNI” spelled out in Ryan Atkins’ blood, as seen here from MUni Weekend 2003. Above it are the words “It’s in my blood.” and underneath are the logos of UDC, Bedford and KH.

There are seven Large and one Medium. First come, first served. Reserve them with an email to my address below. Don’t try to make reservations in this thread or PM me. Email only please! Pricing below.

There is one remaining sweatshirt. These are regular sweats without hoods; heavy 100% cotton material, and the color is sand.

T-shirts are $20 including shipping to the U.S. For other locations it will be a little more (or maybe a lot slower). The sweatshirt is $30. Email me for shipping/payment directions.

Sorry, the one sweatshirt is XL.

Big thanks to John Foss and the Tahoe gang (Lloyd and Scott in particular, and not to mention both their wifes who setup a great dinner).


Ohh!! My girlfriend (who did the vote tallying) was supposed to rig it so I won with 20+ points! Darn her :wink:


CMW was really fun. Now I know to get some gloves for riding, on friday morning my hands were completely numb.

Next time I have to bring some hand and knee protection for the trials comp, that kind of ate up some of my time getting some to borrow :roll_eyes:

We need to have a street comp next year…

Broke my heart that I couldn’t get away from work to join you all–moreso when folks kept calling me during the meet to remind me how much fun I was missing. Most of all I missed seeing my friends and fellow munieers. Next time. Glad everyone had fun! Can’t wait till Santa C. next year.

As mentiond somewhere, we’ll probably be oraginzing a mini-muni weekend sometime in Oct. or Nov. and tackle the longer tech. trails in Santa Barbara.


Please keep me posted on that! Let me know where & when.:smiley: I can bring a few fellow muniacs!

I want to go to CMW or Moab some year…

Some year…

Stupid airfare.

It seems CMW gets better every year! BIG THANKS to all the organizers and those who “pitched in”… from shuttling riders to making food to cleaning up the trials course, it took every one’s efforts to make this weekend go so smoothly. I hope to see you all (and more) next year in Santa Cruz!

I gotta say Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is, at the same time, the most challenging and the most fun ride I’ve ever done. Although the extended technical sections kicked my butt, the miles of fast switchbacks thereafter put a huge smile on my face!

…especially since I broke a bearing holder on the second line I attempted… grumble, grumble I had enough time to run back to the car, swap out the broken part, and run back to the comp.

I wasn’t disappointed by my score so much as I was disappointed that we didn’t have much time outside the competition to play on the course and its surroundings… what an awesome natural trials location!

Now? Now? After falling on your hands how many times? :stuck_out_tongue:

The protection issue thwarted a number of riders, although John had posted specific instructions on the CMW '06 web site. If you’re going to compete at CMW, YOU HAVE TO WEAR PROTECTION! Everyone has one year until CMW '07 to get some gear. Get on it!

why thank you:p

I went back to the trials comp place on sunday and managed to make my neck bleed trying a rolling line on my trials before I had to go home:)

stupid rocks:o

I’m glad everyone was able to eventually get their hands on some knee and hand protection so they could compete. Normally the cars are closer, and I had some in there that I should have brought up! But yes, those safety requirements have been in place, and on the web site, since the 2000 event (still listed). They date back to the very first one in 1996.

The requirements are not intended to be a hassle for the contestants. Instead they protect the named entities hosting the events, and provide a better representation of our sport through the pictures taken of the competitions. Also they cut down on the likleyhood of competitors spelling even longer words on the rocks in their own blood…

Lol well I kinda suffered greatly for that one, but thanks to Steve who let me borrow his knee pads I was able to compete…I only had half the time everyone else did but I still got 16 done, I could have done at least 1 or 2 more if I had like 10 more min lol ohh well. But I still find it rather rediculus(sp) that I had to wear gear that protected me less to compete, the gear I was wearing had ankle support which is much more important, they covered front and back of my legs, Scotty could have done with that nice stitches btw :-D, and the gloves I wore were half finger and not htat important of protection to cause someone to not qualify…I really HATE rules!!! But this weekend was a balst even though I busted up my Koxx one…Its gonna cost a lil bit to fix lol, and I bent another DX hub on the friday ride…im soo0o0o0o0 glad I brought a spare tube on that ride lol

Edit: Ohh and gotta see some of the pics and footy I saw cameras everywhere lol, Ohh and i have the shot of Miles tackling that rock on the trials on Sunday damn I thought that boy broke his collor bone! Miles you one crazy motha … be safe ninja~!

hehe, that hurt… alot.

can you send me the footage/ pic?


edit: will someone remind me not to do rolling trials on my twenty next time I see a line like that :slight_smile:

Miles beat Spencer on the trials, good going! :slight_smile:

Sounds like an awsome event, maybe next year.

Cody what did you do to your Koxx?

that was awesome, that biff on friday.

i wish i’d have had teh sense to take out my camera.

Special thanks to all who got into my camera lense, most of you will be featured in my upcoming DVD.
This year’s turnout was incredible.

Thanks to all who attended!