BUC Registration OPEN!

I hope all your electrical gear is waterproof Spencer (and if it’s anything like today you won’t be needing the fridge)…

@Sam: I’m pretty much in the same position as Spencer - I’ll probably be there around that sort of time but I’m not sure enough to promise anything.


If you can’t bring the man to the monkey then you must bring the monkey to the man.

Liberate me a monkey.

Do it.

He could ride on the back of my tandem picking the ticks from my coat as we pedal along with the wind in our hair.

Oh what joy.

OMG, I hope the weather there is better than the weather here otherwise we will be camping in a lake.

For anyone who knows when they should be arriving, Anna is putting a list together of the times of arrival at reception. If you text your name to her mobile (07850* 30123*4 without the stars) and when you will arrive, and which station it will be, she will put your name on the list and someone will be coerced into picking you up at the right time, give or take 15 mins.

The person will be issued with a BUC poster and may be wearing a t-shirt, so look out for them.


I’m at BUC!
They have computers!
And unicycles!
And beer!

What more do you need?



Sleep? (please!)

THat was fun. shall we do it again next year?

Hmmm, maybe if we can find someone silly enough to try to organise it…

Apparently jugglers are fantastic at organising things…

I had a really good time despite the grim weather on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning - it turned out my efforts at seam sealing my old tent weren’t that successful :confused:

I got there mid-afternoon on Friday, registered, put up my tent (in the dry, which I wasn’t expecting after seeing the rather pessimistic forecast :)), drank some beers, chatted and generally relaxed. Then we all gathered in the conference room for the evening, had a unicycle concours competition, decided not to have a marathon race but a more casual road ride instead. Played with a giant wooden puzzle the Buff man had brought. Dropped a giant wooden puzzle piece on my foot. Drank more beer.

Saturday morning was still dry and a few of us set off on a road ride down to Wareham and back, with a few little detours, which ended up at a very pleasant 16 miles. Liam is still using SPDs on his coker and still has all his limbs intact. Got back, ate some food, watched some trials, played around with GK’s Schlumpf 29er, then the rain and wind really set in. I spent some time attempting to minimise the porosity of my tent before giving up and just moving all the bedding away from the worst of the drips. Then another evening in the conference room, with the video competition, UUU meeting, raffle and the like.

Sunday morning, woke up in a soggy sleeping bag in a pool of water, with water dripping onto my face… OK, well at least it wasn’t too cold. Stuffed the tent into a couple of bin liners, shoved it in the back of the car and off to the muni venue near Puddletown. By this time the rain had stopped and ten of us had a fun time playing in the bomb holes and singletrack for a couple of hours. After slipping on some “ice” (Dan thought I was mad…) I discovered my hub had finally given up the ghost after four years of abuse. I expected the axle to snap at one of the ends (it’s a square-taper hub), but what actually failed was the attachment of the flanges to the axle, so the flanges just rotate about the axle like a free-wheel. Bummer. A few of us had some entertainment trying to ride it, then I jogged my way back following the group, apart from a short stint on Kevin’s old KH24 when he fancied a rest. We eventually made it back to the car park after a few wrong guesses at where we came from (we weren’t lost, we were exploring…)

So, a very enjoyable weekend - thanks to Anna and co for organising it. I met lots of people I sort of knew but hadn’t actually met before, and a few more I didn’t know at all. Tried some things I hadn’t done before (although my muni didn’t appreciate that :o), and generally had an excellent time. Shame about all the rain on Saturday, but you can’t have everything.


Here is my weekend in pictures.

And my personal favorite:


those pics are awesome, the one of our rave in Joe van sums it up for me.

Great weekend, really looking forward to the next one. Might be up for getting a ride organised down south before then.



Paul Tasker is my Hero!

Lad 4 Life!!!

Video comp was fun. Concourse comp helped get friday evening going. Hockey was fun as ever. Freestyle happened dispite obstacles. muni- I chickened out of in teh rain and went swimming instead.
A good BUC, if rather differnt to the past few years.
I was glad I was staying in a caravan not a tent made for much warmer evenings babysitting.

WHo did win teh various catorgaries on the concourse comp? ditto all the other comps I had to go before results were given.

I had a really great weekend. The hockey was super fun and worked well despite my rubbish initial schedule. Thanks to Rocket for doing it properly. I think we surprised a few people with our performance (and ourselves a little too).

The Muni in Puddletown woods yesterday was excellent. We found some great bits to play on despite having no idea of the area or where we were most of the time. Of course we were never lost though :roll_eyes:

Muni with other unicyclists is a bit of a novelty for me. I really enjoyed yesterdays ride and think we should all make an effort to organise more Muni rides/weekends in the future. It doesnt take much, find a good campsite, maybe have an idea of some good routes and tell people in plenty of time… Who’s first?:smiley:

To those I met and half-met, i’m Dan, camped next to the white mini, and as the other Dan pointed out was mostly seen in orange.

anyway some great times, big thanks to Anna and all the rest that helped.


I won best Paint job :smiley: Stephen Devereux won freestyle and Joe Hodges won Trials. Im not sure about the others as I was running the stall when all the awards were given out.


Mmmm, lovely pics Edd! Its a shame the pictures dont do the rave justice. Its hard to capture the atmosphere of the strobe!
Will you video from the video comp be avaliable online?

All I can say is watch this space!!
I brought up BMW at the UUU AGM (thats British Muni Weekend at the Union of United Kingdom Unicyclists Annual General Meeting!!), and turns out it was never like BUC, and just organised as and when.
I plan to bring it back. It will take a lot of work, but I think there would be plenty of interest for more regular muni and trials and street weekends.


A chilled (and at times, very chilly) BUC.

Great to meet all the people that I’ve met before again and to meet the people I haven’t met before for the first time.

The close proximity of my Sam to the arcades wasn’t the funnest part of the weekend, nor was being told that my team (of whom I was the only member in throughout and Liam for most of it) didn’t count in the hockey :frowning: Still, it was great to be able to play.

Fun, fun, fun.

Yep I remember you mentioning (heckling) something about BMW and it got me thinking about it all. I’m watching :slight_smile: