BUC Registration OPEN!


Registration will be open untill September 26th, after which the prices will go up.

Prices are for the full weekend, from Friday to Sunday afternoon.

Tshirts will look like this and must be pre-ordered.


Just to let you know, we now have the final tshirt design, which you can see above, apoogies to all those people got in here early and saw the older design. Hope you like it!

Just a couple of questions;

  • Is the camping for tents and vans?
  • What's the site arrival time on Friday and leaving time on Sunday?

Right, I’m registered. See you all there. No marathon race?.. I’m itching to do another one after I did better than I expected at unicon!


BTW, what’s the significance of the penguin?

Cute t shirts.

I’m in the process of registering.

Camping price is for tents at present, I can find out the details for vans shortly and let you know, there is space for both.

The earlier you arrive on site on Friday the more fun you can have helping us set up :smiley: but seriously, there should be some activities on the friday afternoon, it’s up to you when you come really.

I’m sure we could work out a marathon route if you would like! The area is great for muni and outdoor riding.

Penguin = Southampton Penguins are organising it - and it’s a pretty cool penguin in my opinion…!

Keep the questions coming!


I’m thinking of going this year. Is it posible to post a list of those registered on the webpage?

And how do i get there easy from London?

The nearest railway station would appear to be Wareham, about 3 miles away. There are direct trains from London Waterloo but I don’t know how often so you may have to change at Poole.

Hey Kristian, it would be good to see you there: direct trains go from Waterloo, I think they’re every half hour and take around 2 hours. I would offer a lift but I think I’ve got a full car already.

The local train station is Holton Heath, trains from Waterloo call here on their way to Weymouth so its a really easy journey. It is less than a mile from the venue so you can let us know when you might arrive and we can come and pick you up. If you want to use another station you will be able to change somewhere. Try ww.nationalrail.co.uk to find the information. It would be great to see you there. As for a list of who’s going it won’t be possible to put up a list on the website, but we can see about having one on here if people who are coming post to let others know.

I’m up for a marathon, anyone else?:slight_smile:

Count me in, although I may regret it afterwards…

Yeah, go on then, I’m up for regretting it too!


I’m off to look for a route on Google maps…

Marathon beer session maybe…

How about 2ish laps of this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2264822 ?

Oh no, what have I done? Looks like I’ve poked a lobster nest… :wink:


There are rules about racing on public roads. Not sure if this is up to date:


It uses lawyer speak so maybe somebody with book learning should read it.

You probably do need to get permission, and not do it at a busy time of day. Bike time trials (at local club level) are held on public roads, but usually run early in the morning or in the evening, presumably to avoid heavy traffic. I was never involved with the organising side of it, so I don’t know if any special permission was needed, but I would assume you at least need to notify the police. Best to check first if we’re going to do it.

The local time trials I used to race in were always arranged so all junctions were left turns on wide roads with plenty of visibility (and no traffic lights!), and we were supposed to abide by normal road laws. A mass-start race would of course be more of a pain to other road users than a time trial (where each rider is released individually).

If we can make it all legal it would be nice to have an official race though - then somebody can be “British Champion”.


EDIT: Reading through those regulations Nick linked to, it sounds like it would be OK if it’s all on 40mph limit roads and with fewer than 80 competitors. But it says permission needs to be applied for at least 28 days before the event, so it seems we’re too late unfortunately :frowning:

Suddenly, a good reason to lug my 36er on the train.

How ‘unofficial’ can we get away with? It’s not like we planned this or anything…