BUC Registration OPEN!

Could authorisation be given for a unicycle race?

Or could we slip through a loop hole and not need authorisation?

Personally I don’t think I’d be up for a full marathon race with hockey and everything else going off - maybe something a bit shorter like a race to a nice pub :smiley:

I know some of the roads on the route: a few short, sharp hills, the bit near wareham is pretty busy but the minor roads should be fine. Most of the roads(if not all) are national speed limit.

And of course everyone one will be delighted to know that it’s centred on the River Piddle!

Is it still a race if its a time trial? Or a tresure hunt? or orienteering?

See you there. NOT with a coker as I no longer own one.

I’m sure we could manage a ‘marathon site seeing outing’ :wink: I’ll ask some locals about the route to make sure it will work. Would you want marathon as well as MUni? i.e. different times?

I’m so glad noone noticed the typos on the tshirts… all corrected now though!

Btw - don’t forget to register!!
There’s people I know have said are coming but haven’t registered! (although i think most people who have posted here so far have…)

YES! DON’T CANCEL MUNI FOR DISTANCE! I am determined to go on the muni ride this year :o

I second that - even if it was me who brought up all this marathon discussion, if it’s one or the other I’d rather do muni. If we can do both then cool.


Both it is then!

Cool Muni, il try bring my 29er, does anyone know what the course is like? or is it not set yet?

Uh when do video for the video contest have to be in? how do/can we submit them?

I just read the legal document, we’re definitely too late to hold a bicycle or tricycle race but as long as we’re on unicycles I think we’ll be fine! The document is pretty specific on the bicycles and tricycles bit, I don’t suppose anyone ever bothered to create a law about unicycle racing.

If someone local could check out the route (or think of a better one) that would be great. I thought that route would be easy to navigate, have the finish pretty close to the start, and you could do it with only left turns, but busy junctions or traffic lights on the route wouldn’t be good. There was another loop slightly to the east on the map, but it’s only about 5 miles so we’d have to do more laps.

Also I’ll be up for muni too, has anyone made any plans about where to ride yet? I’m guessing it won’t be too hard to find some hills to ride on in Dorset!

My annual leave form is filled in and ready to send. My registration form is filled in and ready to send. I’m just waiting for the hospital shop to open so that I can buy some stamps and registration will be on it’s way to you.

didn’t know you were a bingo player Amanda… well i guess you learn something new every day!

We have just put the registraton in the post. Looking forward to see you all. We’ll try to get there early Friday.

Mike, could you bring along that piece if metal that I forgot to pick up at Unicon - thanks…

Tue, Jo, Tom & Mille

try a coach from Taunton or Exeter to Bournemouth instead… I know trains are nasty going from that direction.

Thanks for the reminder Tue!

Try trains to Wareham instead. It’s less than three miles from the site. If you get the 6:16pm from Tiverton, it will take 2hrs25 although there are 3 changes.

I’ve eventually got round to it so our registration is now in the post :smiley:

I picked up a timetable today and Holton Heath station isn’t open on a Sunday and therefore you can’t get back from there.

Looking at the map Wareham appears to closest (unless someone knows differently). Two trains an hour stop there getting down on the Friday and one train an hour goes to London on the Sunday (unless there are engineering works).


hey all, im up for coming along to buc

can i buy a ticket there or do i have to get one in advance and how much is it, im bringing my car and tent so i hope thers parking and camping space,

whats the venue like? showers/toilets? shops nearby?

all info please! :sunglasses:

Hey Bungle (and anyone else who would like answers to lots of questions)

you can buy a ticket there, but it would help if you at least fill out the pre reg form online and comment that you will pay on the door, that way I can take you into account for you in numbers, budgets etc and you have the ability to order a tshirt.

Yes there is camping, with space for cars, it is a ‘holiday park’ after all!

venue has a pirate ship (sorry, thought that was the most important bit of info for you personally), it also has toilets and showers, restaurants, conference rooms, a shop on site, go karts, swimming pool and it’s own evening entertainment!

It is in a very small village, and we will be using halls at a school 10 min drive down the road for hockey and freestyle. With trials, informal hockey and basketball on site in the outdoor basketball courts.

hmm… all? What haven’t I covered so far? If I have forgotten anything and you cant find it on the website - www.unicycle.org.uk/bu15 then ask away and I shall tell you all I know.

See you there!

will we be able to transport our unicycles on the carts and…

is the last date for preregistration inclusive of the 26th, because that’s my paydate…

If you can manage it, I’m sure you can.

If you fill in your form now, then you can pay on the 26th, or close to then. But yes, it is inclusive - but I need to place tshirt orders at lunchtime, so if you want one you better get the form filled in before then.