BUC Registration OPEN!

Yeah, I was a bit dissapointed, I shot a few videos of the rave but you can’t really see alot.
Our video is here: BUC Video - Friends


My weekend was pretty similar to Rob’s report above, including a leaky tent :roll_eyes: I spent Saturday afternoon attempting to play hockey and learn to wheelwalk though rather than watching trials in the rain! I had a great time despite the cold and rain, met loads of new people, and did tons of riding. I’m looking forward to the next one already!

The other competition results were Spencer’s titanium Schlumpf 29er winning ‘Most desirable uni’ in the concours comp, and the rusty 4-wheeler (don’t know whose it was) winning ‘Most used and abused’ and also ‘Best home-made modification’, Marcus Collings won the video comp(I think), Danny won junior freestyle, Tom won junior trials, and Lunis won the hockey.

On the subject of muni weekends, some of us on Sunday were discussing having one in the Surrey Hills sometime next year, probably based around the Dorking/Holmbury area. Anyone else think that would be a good idea?

Sounds good to me.

I’m up for doing another one on Dartmoor if people want it. Trouble is if it’s wet the rideable routes get a bit limited (river crossings, stepping stones and bogs get too dangerous) - which at the moment seems like all the time :frowning:
But there’s the Okehampton bike trails (including some north shore apparently), near where we’re hoping to have BUC next year and possibly more stuff to the north of the moor that I could investigate. And anyway the gravelly/rocky stuff around Princetown is always good whatever the weather if people don’t mind riding similar routes to the last time - I ride them all the time and haven’t got bored of them yet.


EDIT: I vote for somebody coughSamcough to do a Welsh muni weekend on some of the big bike trails - I’ve only ridden one of them (Penmachno I think) and it was superb.

Yeah is good idea. I had a bunch of weekends round there years back, but they were pretty low key - people kipping on my floor. Is there a campsite that doesn’t require organisation in advance? Or does anyone live near enough to there to have a floor / garden that people could sleep on / put tents up in?

I’ve not ridden round there for almost 2 years now, so my trail knowledge might be a bit out of date, but I do know a lot of the stuff that is there.

Also, Joe - in terms of organising a BMW - it’s quite easy, all you need to do is run it outside the main school holidays, and find a campsite that is not going to be full, near some riding and a pub. The key thing when I organised it, was finding a campsite that didn’t require advance booking. Once you’ve checked with the campsite, you announce that a BMW is going to happen, and a date, and that is all the organising you have to do until the weekend. On the actual weekend, you need to plan a few rides. You need to have something for the regular muni riders who will happily do 20-30 miles of technical riding, and something for the people who only ride muni at BMW, who will probably do 5 miles or so in a day and be knackered after. On ones I’ve organised, I like to make this a bit technical still, so the trials people can go along and session stuff or whatever it is they do, and so people are pushed a bit by the riding.

I haven’t organised a BMW for ages, because I’ve been quite limited in terms of riding time in the UK. I’ve also been doing most of my riding in the Peak District, which would suck as a venue for BMW, as there are pretty much no sensible short rides, and it’s mainly too technical for beginners.

The great thing about announcing a muni weekend as being a BMW is that you get tons of people turning up, which is fun. The downside is that you get tons of people turning up. This means you have to split into multiple groups - and you need someone to organise a slow group. This is fine if you have trials riders around, as they can still have fun whilst going as slow as the slow people, or parents / sensible adults in the slow group but isn’t fine if you have some poor fast person having to lead a slow ride*. Whatever you do, don’t organise a big 30 person muni ride for everyone who comes, as that will just be sooooo slow for the fast people and stress out the slow people.


*like, don’t let Roger organise your slow ride!

The family with the 4-wheeler ‘thing’ was the Goodfellows - or something similar. Also, the best paint job award in the concourse was Rachel from UDC.

I had a fantastic time, but have to admit that my tent is currently taking up large amounts of airing space in the living room, the spare bedroom and the lobby. With hindsight, maybe I took it down at the height of the rain, and should have left it up until after the Monkey World trip. But, hey, that’s hindsight for ya!


I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to clear up the camp before I went on the muni ride. By the time I got back from muni the rain had stoppped and the wind had dried the tent out. Flukey eh!

You know what they say; Hard work pays off in the long run. But lazyness pays off now!

I wish I’d been more lazy :frowning:


Count us in for that. My parents are in the area so Paul and I might both be able to ride. There is Youth hostel in area.
NO I’m NOT organizing it. I did the 1st 2 BMWs, its someone elses turn.