Broken KH frame...again

today while riding i broke my 2nd KH frame

video- (double click on the vid and it wont look stretched)


jon A

That is pretty crazy. Sorry about that.

Does this mean your riding street again? :smiley:

Damn, how long had you had that frame?

It seemed like it snapped without even putting up a fight!

haha pretty sure im staying with the flat scene as of now (and proablly forever;)) i still try and keep up with street but its hard to do both.

8 months sadly, but it lasted longer then my first one…only by a month though

jon A

People seem to be breaking these more frequently. I hope I dont break a second any time soon!

Can’t it be re-welded? What about returning it under warranty, claiming a defect?

Lol… Thats crazy dude.

Are nimbus frames stronger? How do you manage to break a frame anyway? lol

Silly unicyclist aluminum is for cans, haha. That sucks man, 's gotta be a bummer.

I think all broken KH frames get replaced … within reason.

wow, that broke when the pedal hit the ground. I wonder if pedal protectors could have prolonged the life of your frame.

Perhaps it is time for a Triton? And a cheep Nimbus frame while you wait for the Triton.

lol, of all the people to break the KH frames, a flatlander does it.

What is weird about that? Flatland puts alot fo stress on the frame. 'Specialy when what he did when this broke, happens.

I’m not an expert but it looked like all he did was drop it? It snapped so easily!

My speculation bellow, feel free to correct me
This picture shows how all of his weight is on that crank and frame leg and he is trying to hold all that weight up by holding/pulling on the seat. It created enough pressure to slip out of his hand. Thats a lot of pressure on that one weld. Seeing as this a a pretty common flat move, you have to assume that the weld is stressed quite a bit. More so then with big drops which are usually landed on the pedals and cranks with very little weight on the frame. When there is its on the front of the seat (most times) so the seat and seatpost take alot of the stress before the frame. With flatland a lot of the stress is sideways, so there is nothing to take the edge off that stress. Its all goes to that weld at the crown.

Aluminum is pretty weak where its been welded. … what are ya gonna do?

I am sure it was cracked before he dropped it, haha.

Picture 64.png

Aluminum is plenty strong when it is welded properly BUT is does not take repeated stresses very well. That frame has probably been stressed many many times and the shock from the pedal hitting the ground just finished it off.

This is why I would not buy a used aluminum frame.

If you go frame by frame you can see it breaks when the pedal strikes the ground.

And people keep buying alum KH frames for $200 when steel nimbus are $50?

I dont think it had anything to do with the pedal hitting the ground, other than thats when the rest of the unicycle stopped and the top broken off seat tube kept going.

Yes aluminum can be strong, when welded properly(which is considered an art). But even good aluminum welders are often times far from that artist status. Even a true artist can not keep aluminum from failing.
There is a reason why Thomson posts are so strong… anyone? …No welds.

Aluminum is light, and unicycles are much cooler than money.

It wasnt just that drop that did the everything. It took, what, 6 or 8 months of riding to weaken it at that point, and all that combined is what allowed it to snap from that trick.

Flatland, from the foot, body, and unicycle positions, puts tons of stress onto the frame. Way more than trials, and a bit more than street does.

The KH frame isnt reinforced at that area either. And thats already been covered. I think the best frames would be the Qu-Ax steel or alum frame, the Triton frame, then the Nimbus II frame.