KH frame snap

So i ended up getting a new yellow nimbus uni with kh cranks. When i put it together I immediately realized the seatpost was way too short and my 27.2 mm seatpost from the kh frame wouldn’t fit. So i went ahead and just put the entire wheelset in my kh frame. I did about 30 or so hops and drops…and as I was riding to my next location to do more hops and drops and i noticed the saddle seemed loose, but I knew it wasnt cause I had just tightened it. I pulled up on the seat to make sure it wasnt really loose…and snap…the entire frame split just as the old torker dx’s used to.

I’m not mad though as it could have been a lot worse if it broke while doing drops or anything. The frame held up for 2+ years…

pics soon

edit: actually I don’t need pics.
heres a pic right here Broken KH frame...again
The same exact thing happened.

happened to me twice or third I dont remember xD

I sure would hate to have a frame snap during a big rolling stair hop! :astonished:

as stated on Seinfeld, all proctologist stories start with
“It was a one in a million shot doc, one in a million”

yeah thats why im not mad : ) 5 mins before that I was going down stairs

Yeah, the 07 frames tend to snap quite a bit (i’ve snapped 2).

So far I have not heard an instance of the 08 frame snapping. Lets hope it holds up!

I see a snaped 08 frame in Chech Republik and was really surprised but then later the owner tell us how it happens. His Uni fall down on the rails while riding on a railstation and before he can pick it up a train comes …
So if a train drive over a KH08 it maybe snap :smiley:
The rider himself was able to jump away in the right time.

I think a main reason for a snap while doing not that hard stuff is that the frame is “pre damaged” then from a hard action but don’t snaped then (which is good mostly) Once it is pre damaged it snaps sometime at something, no hard attack is needed anymore.