Blue is the new Black (KH Blue is back)

So I see from UDC’s latest container that KH has reverted from black back to blue.

Personally I think this is a good move.

Now they just need to bring back the KH 20 Longneck frame.


Dual disk mounts too which I was expecting, but not yet the rumoured shift to Q-Axle.

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It was only black due to supply shortages allegedly.

Wait … what? I missed that. It will not affect me any time soon as I have no plans to buy any more unis right now but still I am always interested in news and trends. Where did this rumour come from?

Oh now you’re asking. I can’t remember!

Totally unsubstantiated of course so take it with a heap of salt.

I do think it would make sense though. They probably should consider things to differentiate themselves from the pack again, and the black certainly seemed like it was a move in the wrong direction (although of course some people like the black).

I’d personally now like to see Q-Axle and carbon rims. I was unconvinced by Qu-Ax’s move to Q-Axle before, but on the high end it’s certainly grown on me, and there’s seemingly been no slowing of people with ISIS interface issues (incorrect spacers, interface wear, poor tolerance machining).

I also have no plans to buy any more unicycles, especially not new with the price that they are.
I’m far more likely to buy a handful of new parts if I have a real hankering for something different.


I guess I am the one who spread the rumor :grin:
A friend - who has the biggest French unicycle shop - told me that KH will move to Qaxle. But he haven’t given any expected date.


I need q-axle spirit cranks!!! :sob:


I think Kris Holm and QU-AX are merging because MAD4ONE is a big competitor. They’re selling fewer and fewer units, hence this common standard for differentiation. I just hope Kris Holm uses better bearings. There are NO alternatives to this!

The new Q-Axle bearings are reportedly much improved over the original ones.


It will be interesting to see if we get more variety in Q-Axle cranks. Particularly with some Q factor - all of the zero Q cranks don’t really suit my feet. More options are always better.


I also like me a good and curvy crank. My feet angle themselves such that the heel lands on the crank at the axle and sends me flying if I’m not careful when using little to 0 Q cranks. I’d also like some more Q-y cotterless cranks but innovation in that realm is not as frequent these days.

Do you have more info about this? Are there available as spare parts?

I just ordered new bearings for my q-axle. If I can get a new and better version, I would go for it instead…

It was a rolling and unannounced change they did a few years ago as far as I know, so I think chances are high that you will get the “new version”. (Which is the same kind of bearing as the old, just better quality)