Bloody rock

Well I was riding at Balboa lake with SpencerHochberg Mornish, and a small group of other riders that I dont think are on the forums, and I hurtmyself like allways causing alot of blood :smiley: remember the CMW shirts with the UNI on the back…Ohh yeah…

Well I did better…

Hehe and they werent lil letter…

Spencers mom has some better quality pics, but I dont havem em wink wink spencer…Anyways is theer another LA roundup commin up? And if you guys go back to the park, look in the parking lot near where the event usually takes place for a pretty lil red rock :smiley:

Ha, I will see about finding those for you…

here’s all of us that day

Wish you guys had told me and other local riders about the roundup/whatever group get-together that met on1/14/07! :frowning:

Lol its was knida last minute…But Im defintaly up for another one, how bout arranging something what you guys think?

Look’s like a lot of fun.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is that Jim Cielencki’s on the far right? What colour is that?

It wasn’t a formal thing like that. Miles wanted to come to my house over the weekend and I got Cody to come too. We had been wanting to plan a ride with Jarin (the guy with green hair) so that was a good time for him and then he brought some of his friends.

We should plan another roundup before it gets really hot again.

Yeah, those are mine. Evan gave them to me and I let Miles use them. I think they are sea foam green.

Ohh lol yeah they are, they are some wierd green color as you can tell :wink:

You guys are so lucky, you dont even know. I still after 2 years of being on the news and all over town dont have anybody to ride with.

Kewl blood art though.

That’s a weird colour… Have any close up pictures? Never seen that colour, they must be a limited edition from a couple years back?

EDIT: Found a picture of them… even more weird up close.

Nah, they aren’t that old.
For a while I had them on my trials uni with my green miyata seat cover and green grip tape on the cranks, everything matched.


Everything, except my Fluorescent green/yellow Jim Cielencki’s match.

I’m down for a meet-up pretty much anytime…same place? Those rocks around the park are fun to play around on!:smiley:

Just PM me whenever you all are gonna ride there or wherever again. I can pretty much go anytime as my schedule is flexible. I also have TWO 24" KH freerides, 19" trials and a cool bc, plus a jump ramp! I can bring all that stuff in case anyone wants/needs a uni.:smiley: Howabout next week sometime?

Ha niice man I think hes ready to go! I was jsut thinking something like feb 3rd so its not as bloody cold…

What is it? 15 Celsius?

Lol im not sure, it was good during midday, but Spencers pipes froze and exploded during night so mornings are a lil chilly, I dont mind the cold, but spencer wanted it later cause hes used to rawrin heats…

Ouch! From where was your blood issuing? And just to complete the photo set, here’s the “prototype.”

Any of you guys ride trails down around San Diego? I’ll be there Feb. 5 & 6 with time to ride…

Cody tightened the bolts on his seat too much and the top of that acorn nut thingy came off and I think he was trying to take it off the rest of the way so it wouldn’t cut him and it tore a chunk of skin off his finger.

All I knew was he went to the car to get something and didn’t come back for a while.

Lol well I was making art, and before that I was feeding duckies with your lil sis lol