Better Seat

I’ve got a 24" Torker LX, and the seat is okay for rides under about twenty mintues. Over that, it kills my rear end! Where can I find a better seat, and how much would it cost me? I plan to ride for hours, so something comfortable is needed. And, if I just keep the seat and deal with the pain, will it get better over time?

Yes, that seat also includes wiener numbness as well. I have a 20 LX also. But if you desire comfort. But it does get better after awhile.

Of course you will need a new seat post to go with that seat. If you inflate the air just right … it gives you that lowrider car ride feeling of hopping a little with every peddle. Cracks me up to experiment with it. But arguably the most comfortable seat out there. Thanks Kris, my tadpoles, and future kids will thank you for it.

my advise, you stop complaining. i ride a carbon fiber miyata with half a pad. and used to ride with almost no padding. and i rode/ride for long periods of time.
it will get better over time though

Apparently, Mr. TorkerDX doesn’t like people dissing his brother, or cousin, or whatever that relationship is. :slight_smile:

While sucking it up is the most economical solution, some peoples’ riding styles involve a whole lot more sitting down than others. Like if one of you does Trials all day and the other is a road rider, the Trials rider has a lot less to worry about in seat comfort.

The most popular production seat currently, for comfort, seems to be the KH Freeride. I don’t have one myself, but I hear about people upgrading to them all the time. Just bear in mind that seat comfort is a personal thing, and what works for most people might not work for you.