Best seat for long rides

I know this has probably been worn into the ground but I have a hard time looking up things using the search here, can’t seem to find what I’m looking for
So I am going to ask again, I say again because I know I asked this before and that is how I made my decision to buy the KH Freeride saddle
so I’m asking again, what is your saddle of choice for long rides and why did you choose it. I like the freeride but it still wears into my thighs after about 8 miles it gets very hard to handle.
OR am I just a wimp :smiley:

Everyone’s but is different, and therefore there will be a different “best” saddle for each rider.

It sounds like the Freeride is maybe a little wide for you. I would not be afraid to take the cover off and trim a bit of the foam on the edges where you are getting the rubbing.

Many people would suggest bike shorts or compression shorts in conjunction with a good saddle. It’s probably good advice for most, but I’ve never found them to be comfortable.

I’ve trimmed the foam on pretty much every saddle I have owned. I found the freeride to need minimal adjustment, but was a bit on the soft side for long rides.

Based on my preferences if I were to choose a new saddle for distance riding it would probably be a Nimubs Stadium, but like I’ve said, all buts are different.

I like my QX Eleven. It was on my uni when i got it, but I would get it again.

I used to have issues with my thighs hurting from rubbing too, and solved it with the addition of tight fitting running pants under my shorts/jeans. I don’t need the bolstering of bike shorts (on the contrary, I hate it), and they aren’t too tight.

hi aj1500

i am kind of in same boat as you with seats and trying to find which suits best

i have a club 20" with standard seat that gives me tailbone pain,26" nimbus muni with a quax luxus which i find comfy and i have just built a hatchet with a quax eleven on which i am finding gives me pain too!!

il be curious to find which you find best

I am currently wearing a pair of padded under shorts AND padded bike shorts but I think what I’m missing is the fact that the pain is from rubbing an area that is not being padded. I actually tried wearing the under shorts reversed to put the bigger padding to the front once, :o seemed to work OK but still didn’t solve the issue. maybe I’ll take the seat I have that came on the 29 trainer and play with cutting it down to find a sweet spot

I like the KH Fusion Zero. Based on the comments I’ve heard I think I’m one of the only ones. Mind you, I’ve never tried a Fusion One, which is supposed to be more comfortable.

YMMV but I find the key to being comfortable over long rides is to stop about 15 minutes in and stretch. I don’t think it’s actually the stretching that does the trick but the two minute break from the saddle. If I don’t do the 15 minute break I really feel it in the hours to come.

You are! You will probably never have trouble aquiring replacements as long as you are in touch with other unicyclists. Like me. :smiley:

Of course, “more comfortable” is relative, so it also depends on the person. I think the foam may be a little taller, or softer, or they may have added a bit of curve to it. Small changes. I’m pretty sure I like that “One” better though I haven’t done many actually long rides on it. Mostly we max out around 25-30 lately.

I’m going to have to try that. We usually go quite a bit farther before our first stop, and then do long stretches. I always have to stop more in the later half of the ride, and my wife leaves me behind. Now I just have to remember to watch the time and make that stop!

My Zero sees lots of use and is very broken in, so it’s probably moulded to my shape by now ;). If I replaced it with a new one I’m sure it would take some use to feel comfortable. I have a fairly new Stadium saddle on another uni and it’s much firmer than my Zero.

For the OP, an oft-overlooked factor in saddle shape is the width of the waist (the narrowest part). That’s the main reason I like the Zero over others I’ve tried. It’s narrow enough that my thighs don’t touch the sides.

My favourite saddle is a nimbus seat with a KH base. It came with a KH36 that I bought second hand.

It feels like it has springs in the tailbone section of the seat if you push the padding down.

I get tailbone pain on a too soft seat and hard seats are simply uncomfortable. I find that Nimbus seat perfect for me in terms of width and all round comfort.
I have a problem though, after a UPD one of the front screw holes no longer works (The screw no longer grabs) so my KH handle is only attaching with 3 screws. I’m just a bit worried about that.

There is no perfect saddle. And just like shoes, everyone has a different size and shape of anatomy that they are trying to make comfortable.

I’ve had the KH freeride on my long distance guni and on my muni for a while now and it’s my preference, but I have not tried them all (like the Nimbus Stadium mentioned earlier in this thread). I bought a new KH muni a couple years ago and hated the flatness of the seat it came with (I think it was the “One” instead of the zero). I didn’t choose it, as the description on still said it came with the Freeride, but I tried to give it a chance.

John and I (and others that started with that) probably still prefer the very old style Miyata seat, and it’s probably because that’s just what we got used to back in the day. I suppose the body will eventually adjust to what you choose, but obviously there will be a few exceptions to that with some seats that nobody has or ever will like.

I guess we need one of those cool apps that will scan your body shape and suggest the best seat for you. Who wants to build that app?

I would only buy the app if the developers offered the option to “opt out” of the sharing of information about my “package”.

I agree with all of the above about how subjective saddle preferences are.

If you are used to riding long distances on a B!ke, you may be more likely to appreciate the flatter saddles, because they are more similar to a bike saddle. As a bicyclist, I prefer the KH Zero or KH One. I was able to ride the Marathon this year at NAUCC on a KH One with only minor discomfort at the end. The flat shape and firmer foam with a narrower midsection seem to really help me maintain comfort and minimize rubbing. I’ve ridden a couple of the other firmer, newer saddles as well. The Nimbus Stadium and also the QU-AX eleven. The firmer foam on these seemed to be a big improvement over the softer saddles like the freeride. I liked the stadium quite a bit, but the eleven was not flat enough for me.

Another idea is try to use the seat handle (or a handlebar) to control your position on the saddle and hold up some of your weight with your hands. This takes pressure off of your crotch no matter which saddle you use. This really helps if you are riding on the road or non-technical terrain where you are seated for long time periods.

We’re talking all seats here :slight_smile:

OP did not mention in detail the issue but I just want to mention that if rubbing / chafing is (part of) the issue then some cream (applied just before or during riding) can be very helpful too.

I like the freeride but it still wears into my thighs after about 8 miles it gets very hard to handle.
OR am I just a wimp

yes chaffing/rubbing is the issue more than tailbone pain.
I’ll look up for a good cream to try
gonna ride the 24 today so I’ll give that 15 min in stretch a try

I ordered mine on purpose with the Zero (the One wasn’t out yet), with the intention of putting it on my Road uni later. I definitely did not like it one bit on the Muni!

There’s definitely something to that, though I did not do huge amounts of riding on an undoctored Miyata seat; we started stuffing extra foam in there quite early. This gave them more cushion, which was probably better for practicing tricks & such, but possibly worse if we were into long road rides. Which we mostly weren’t because 36" unicycles didn’t come out until many years later. Yes, I had a 45" wheel, which I sometimes took on rides of up to 40 miles or so. Interestingly, until very recently it only had the Schwinn saddle that it came with, and a custom made sheepskin cover over that since 1985. Only after the sheepskin got pretty shabby and gross did I switch to a different saddle, a few years back. But that uni seldom gets ridden on rides longer than a parade. Or for purposes other than a parade…

A crotch scanner app? Pass. :slight_smile:

I imagine there’s something like that for bikes (along with a much larger market for actual seat-dimension variety). Getting crotch dimensions would be half the battle, but I think we would learn there are other factors that matter for riders, beyond the type of riding being done.

I can say from experience that unless you’re riding hard muni you’ll be fine.

so I took the 24 out yesterday, it has to original torker seat on it.
first I want to say that muscle memory can get you in trouble when going from a 29 or up I would imagine down to a 24 or less
first mount attempt, I didn’t think too much about it I just stepped up and made my normal mount and WHOA right over the front I went straight to the ground :astonished: :smiley: I’m sure many can relate to that one
any way I had stopped by the LBS and picked up some cream and tried that for the first time. All I can say is I can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner
what a difference it makes. the torker saddle is a little thinner in the middle but doesn’t have the relief cut in the middle, I didn’t have as much rubbing pain but got some squeezing of the privates so I think shaving a little off the middle of my KH is going to happen soon. looks like I have a pretty good seat
couple minor mods and it will be a great seat

Oh yeah forgot to mention, pedaling the 24 with the 150 cranks like to wore me out, right off the bat I could tell the longer strokes were making me sort of bounce when I applied more power to sprint. I’m looking forward to changing them to the 140’s

The other day I decided to ride to work by mountain-bike. Now it happens very very rarely that I ride a bike and almost always ride uni. The first thing I noticed was that the cranks we so long. Even though you don’t have the bouncing on a bike, I did believe I would get less tired with shorter cranks. Then again I have 21 gears as compensation and I do go a lot faster than on a uni. Another thing I noticed was that it was very scary to let go of the steer. Riding no hands on a bike felt very strange, even though I had no problem with it before learning to ride unicycle.

isn’t that weird, I have the same issue when I ride my MB I guess it’s just a completely different type of balance between the 2