Best Giraffe to get from UDC UK?

Well it’s come to the time when I need to decide what I want for christmas :slight_smile:

I’m thinking i’ll get a giraffe just because it’s one of those things you have to have. Which one is the best value for money on UDC UK?

Essentially, it’s between the nimbus single chain, double chain (is there any point?!), or the nimbus H two wheeler. Or, of course any other giraffes you come across that I may be interested in,


Are you planning on doing trials with it?

Keep in mind that the two-wheel stack is entirely different than the other two. The wheel rotation is opposite the pedal rotation.

Well… yes, I realised…

And I think ou know the answer to that one.

I just wanted to make sure that whatever one I choose, will not fall apart from normal riding, or if there were any particularly good giraffe unis.

I’ve got the standard 5’ Nimbus giraffe, and, to be honest, it’s a fine beast. Learning to freemount was a bit of a challenge to start with, but it’s certainly quite ridable.

It it’s going to get heavy use, and dropped a lot (for example, as a club unicycle where everyone has a go but without really caring for it), then it will get bent fairly quickly.

If you ride it a lot, then a single chain one will supposedly bend the frame slightly, so the double chained one is better. I’ve not ridden mine loads, so it’s not a problem, but I don’t know how much use you’d have to give it to make the double chain worth while.

The two-wheeler, on the other hand, is a totally different thing altogether. Take whatever you think you know about riding a unicycle, and forget it. It doesn’t work. It’s all arse about face. I have tried them a few times, and they are just wrong. Very wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put you off, but they are not ridable by a normal human being. If you’ve seen anyone on one before, then either they are not human, or else it’s a trick done with mirrors and bits of string.


Or reverse it…

Nah, I tried that. It didn’t work.

Turing the seat around doesn’t work either.

Neither does putting yourself underneath and the unicycle on top.

The only other thing left to try was turning all my clothes inside out…


Get the two wheeler and the wheel extension kit so you can have a two or three wheel giraffe.

Well theres a good idea, but where does it say that would work… :frowning:


True… :smiley:

I would not quote that sources as being reliable.:wink:

but I also dont see why it would not work.

A three-wheeler should work but bear in mind 3 20" wheels will make an 8 foot unicycle which won’t be so easy to freemount, but you will be able to do cool tricks like wheel-walk a giraffe.

There might be more friction in a stacked wheel compared to a chain giraffe so it might be harder work pedalling it.


Same line of spontaious, lodgogical, amzing and inspiring thoughts here.

From what little I know about giraffes (a bit), double-chain models are mostly about looks. MUCH more visually interesting to look at; great for performers. They put less strain on the unicycle frame, but then again I never see giraffes that are destroyed by too much chain torque. The downside of a double chain is if one side wears faster than the other, which would make it hard to keep both chains equally tight. Probably not a big issue. Also if your frame gets bent for some other reason, it can put the two chains out of whack and again make it hard to keep both tight.

I still don’t trust a two-wheel-stack unicycle that’s held together by four little bearing cap bolts. That just seems like a pretty weak design (though cheap and easy to put together), and the only ones I’ve seen in person didn’t work because the wheels couldn’t be made to stay aligned. Adding another wheel would magnify the inherent weakness, and I think I’d be afraid to sit on one at my weight…

You could go with what Madison (Ducttape) got which is a 3 wheel giraffe. :thinking:

It should work, I have a three wheeler giraffe that is Nimbus and I can actually take the bottom wheel off and make it a 2 wheeler…

it’s actually only a little higher than 6 feet, I own a 3-wheeler…

I weigh 130 lbs and have been hopping around on my 3-wheler for a while, seems to be holding up alright now that I tighted the bolts up, maybe the 2-wheelers you’ve seen just need a bit of tightening up, I ran into that problem when i first got the unicycle. It’s an easy fix though…

it’s not available on UDC uk or US right now, he could get the 2wheeler and the extension like other people said though… those extensions are just frame legs with bearing caps on either end… pretty simple to assemble and disassemble.