Best Giraffe to get from UDC UK?

Yeah i was looking through the UDC UK, US and NZ and could only find the 2 wheeler versions.

Like this 2 wheeler.

Yes, one thing I remember being told very early on was “Don’t tighten the bearing caps too much, they need room to breathe.”
On a normal uni that would seem to make good sense, as it protects the bearings and does not appear necessary for strength.
But if we extend a giraffe by bolting on an extension via those bearing caps, then surely we need to bolt it tight, as it becomes part of the frame? Or do we still need to protect the bearings?

What advice is given by UDC to two wheel riders with these bearing cap extension tubes?


I thought the point of a double chain was a safety feature in case a sproket comes loose. I suppose that’s not such an issue now with the bolt-on sprokets as it was with the threaded track-bike type hubs.


I had a 3 wheeler at the Australian Uninats for display and trying out. It was a great hit for giraffe riders. They need care in assemblying though (the unicycles not the riders) and careful adjustments of the tyre pressures. It was a 2 wheeler which is too specialised so I just added another wheel kit to make a 3 wheeler.

At least with the DM giraffes, the double chain giraffes had the sprockets offset by half a tooth, which meant that you got less backlash when you idled. That’s what he said anyway. They did seem easy to idle.


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Right and right. Any giraffe that’s built with a threaded-on sprocket, if it isn’t held in place by something other than a lockring and Loctite, should be avoided. A sudden loosening of your sprocket can cause bone-breaking injury.

Hopefully anyone building double-chain giraffes already knows this and is using some form of bolt-on sprockets.

On the bearing-cap two-wheeler I described above, no the owner spent many hours trying to tweak it and get it to work. This included trying different tires and pressures, and eventually bending the frames to try to get things to line up properly. But it must be noted that this was not one of the Nimbus frames.

(two months on exactly and…)

My three wheeler came and I put it together ready for a quick ride before it got put away for xmas.

One problem I have is the stiffness. It takes some substantial pressure to pedal the uni. Does anyone know if I should have high tyre pressure, low tyre pressure, or a combination on different wheels? It seems at the moment that the wheels are squashed onto each other :thinking: , which I wasn’t expecting.

unfortunately multi wheelers are a bit like that, if the wheels aren’t compressed hard together you risk them slipping on each other, whihc will almost certainly result in an unexpected, uncontrollable fall. Give Roger a call, he will know, he no doubt designed it in the first place.

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the Bottom wheel should have the highest pressure, the middle one a lower pressure and the top one a medium pressure, just experiment with it until it feels like the wheels can rotate semi-freely without slipping.