Best Avatar

Just post on here and show ur avatars look at mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we tend to see peoples avatars a lot anyway…
But oh well :slight_smile:
Mine is a unicycle.

u win lmao

dark archon starcraft yeah!


…Me. With a hat! Chyyyyyeaaaahh! But anyways nick why are ytou on here but not aim?

I like mine for the simple simplicity… Tho the one of Cameron staring at the pointilism picture (the name of which I forgot) from Ferris Bueller is awesome…

<--------I plan on riding even after I become a bag of bones:D

<----- Its me with my nice (new at the time) Mountain Uni Shirt. I think I win if its for the most handsome avatar.

<— Giant Rabbit heads make anything creepy as hell, even unicycling.

Maybe some of the really keen Simpsons fans will appreciate my avatar and the words above it.


The best avatars are ones that aren’t animated. :slight_smile:
Animated avatars are distracting when trying to read the posts.

My avatar is the most tasty. It’s also unicycle related because my muni is named Guinness Mojo and it has a Guinness can for a headbadge.

This thread really would be better over in Just Conversation. It’s off topic over here in RSU.

Mines awesome cause its me and I made it look cool. People even have said it to be artzy. Kevins is pretty sweet too.

i win
cuz its kirby
and hes rockin’

That’s a pokemon isn’t it? It looks like one, and the name sounds like. Man they are so crap.

Technically Simpsons didn’t coin that term, In the 80’s in the hip hop culture you were called a jive turkey instead of foo or mofo or mo neezy.

dude you don’t know kirby? hang your head in shame.

boojiboy - …silent hill 3?

my avatar is easily the sexiest

Okay for the rest of you youngsters, “jive turkey” comes from the 70s. Not sure the origin.

Animated avatars are really annoying.

Mine is flip-flopped from the original image, to have me facing into the page. Maybe this will nudge me to put a new picture up…

Okay,Whats an avatar?

Funny,Im the only one on this thread without a picture on the side…

Could this be a coincidence?

Lifes too complicated…I think I’ll go Unicycle.

Yeah, mine is the bestest ever… That’s a sweet movie.