Being John Foss.

Dude you are a hero to most of us!

lol’d at this! :slight_smile:

Gild has swiped the top poster spot. Didn’t see this coming. Thought MuniAddict might get there first.

Would like to see stats like top 5 posters and top poster last 30 days.

Are you going to vie for your title John?

I actually did. If you add my posts from when I first joined the forum back in 12/05, (1,309) and was first known as “TerryBigWheel”, I think I have the most posts. I wonder who has the most page visits. (Not that any of this matters, haha. :o)

I’d like for my post count to be 0, I don’t like the idea of post counts. But gilby won’t do it for me lol.

if yo wanna be john foss, you have to make stupid post based on nothing like this one…

sorry to be harsh, but i just don’t like this attitude, and wanna point it out…

France does certainly have a culture, but koxx-one and/or impact do not reflect that culture at all.

Looks like it had a base to me. And looks pretty rational as well.

I think this is what they call a “fail” attempt at marring JF’s name?

That guy is everywhere a unicycle goes

How often do you get a chance to take a self portrait by a waterfall? I rode a hard but fun trail to get to this shot. Then look who jumps in.

It is an epic ride about 5mi round trip. John said “Trials riders would love this trail”.
It was really great to show John Foss one of the hawaiian trails. I’ll never forget that day. Thanks John.

Being John Foss? You need to get several world records while riding a unicycle.


And be a unicycle history book

finally someone who does understand something :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. It is just for fun. Would be cool to see more stats (Gilby, listening?). Maybe you can petition for a posting count credit and take the top poster position and all the free nothing that comes with it! :sunglasses:

Nah, in fact, Foss and Gild may also have had previous usernames as well. They’ve both been forum members for such a long time, so that’s quite probable. :smiley:

And I remember when I first became a member, the forum “gallery” was very popular and that’s where a lot of us would go to see member’s pics and videos. I think it’s still there but I haven’t used it in ages! :slight_smile: Edit: although there’s a tab for the gallery at the top of the forum page, it doesn’t seem to work.

It has never worked since I’ve joined. :frowning:

what happens in a day of john foss?

Right now I’m at my office. I haven’t shaved or brushed my teeth, I’m wearing flip-flops, and I’m the only one here. Everyone’s supposed to be downtown at a budget protest and the office is supposed to be closed. But it’s not, and the front door won’t lock (magnetic lock). So I’m stuck here until we get it straightened out; I’m waiting for a call back from the security company since the normal Web-based controls don’t seem to be working. The doors followed their normal weekday schedule, unlocking the front door at 8:30. Fun! and look where I’ve ended up… :roll_eyes:

Hopefully I’m out of here soon, so this un-fun situation will eventually work its way into another rare (and short-lived) opportunity to ride a unicycle (my 45" wheel) on the clock, in downtown Sacramento!

So it’s fun being John!

45" wheel? :astonished:
How do your feet reach the pedals?

I guess I’m taller than you. I’ve ridden a 63" wheel once. Anyway, door system is straightened out (somebody thought today was the 7th) and I gotta go!

Have a good ride unicycle god!