Being John Foss.

Attention John Foss:

Mr. Foss,
Sorry to track you down like this but I know you don’t PM. I promise I am not a stalker (though I did just buy a KH36G so that I could be just like you) about to go all Single White Female up in here. But, I would really appreciate it if you could, when you get a minute, read and reply to my latest post (see link below) especially the part about using a Shadow Handlebar on a KH36 and my idea to have an alternate place (under seat with Spooner) to mount the brake lever should you want to remove your Shadow for a little MUni (not that you would ever want to get mud on that purdy red paint job).

Gosh, you could’ve just sent me an email, that’s why I include my (spider-resistant) email address in every post. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I rode 46.3 miles on my SilvaCycles 36" Mostly pavement but some great 36" singletrack also. Working my way up to a century ride in June…