Being John Foss.

I only need to post 13, 074 more posts to catch John Foss. Do they need to be as informative and/or useful as John’s?


No but to be cool as him they should and you should have on Foss of unicycles

I have it on good authority that is about thirty twelve.

enough to fill a garage anyway

You mean JF has 32 unis?

Yeah if memory serves it’s around 32-34.

No, the garage is not full. IT CANNOT BE FULL! Always room for one more. :slight_smile:

Oddly, as I was reading this, Saturday Night Live is on in the background. It’s the real Mark Zuckerberg meeting the guy who played him in the movie (for the first time, unannounced).

It depends. Do you just want to puke posts, or do you want to create a legacy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thirty-twelve. I used to say I had thirtysomething unicycles. But now the count is around thirty-twelve. I just got a Trials, so now it might be thirty-thirteen. Sounds unlucky…

Dane M will be top poster by August.

Haha. I had about 1,300 total posts under my original username, “TerryBigWheel”, when I joined in 12/2005. I retired that one for my current username in 10/06. The majority of my posts have been in RSU and the video forum.

About 180 a month for Terry. Anyone wanna start running stats and projections?

Unigeezer top poster by June. Dane M by August…Is JF going to fight to keep the title? Time will tell.


I don’t post as much as you think.

AH CRAP you got me.

Hey y’all, I remember this place! :smiley:

you would be a low poster on some fourms

Well I average less than John for posts per year. But I like being compared to him :slight_smile: Although my posts are not as informative and valuable.

You also only need to go to the next 15 Unicons to be John Foss :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone has a case of the grumpies today. Or maybe you just need to be burped again?

Only counts if I miss any of them. :wink:


Well, not like you need permission to get another unicycle, but really, should you be tempting fate whilst still in your middle years?

Methinks yes.

I’ve been unlucky before.