Beeper's Written Unispin Tut

The unispin tutorial has probably been done about a million times, but i think i have a solution to helping out with the unispin.

Everyone says “Oh, just learn the unispin mount” - However, this is not an easy feat to accomplish either my friend.

For starters, it helps to learn this with plastic pedals, because aluminum and pedal pins can be very painful.

The first step in learning how to unispin, is the jump mount.

Step 1: Jump Mount

-A mount in which you hold the unicycle out in front of you, and jump up, while placing your feet on the pedals/cranks.

It will be challenging to do this without confidence. With confidence, the jump mount can take a simple 5 minutes to learn.

-First, hold the unicycle out in front of you with the pedals in a horozontal position.  
   -Second, be sure that you actually go for it. Often times, you will find yourself jumping, then backing out of it last second.  It is okay to do this, because everyone is human.  However, eventually you will have to man up and go for it if you want to have any chance at successfully landing a jump mount.  [I]A good technique is to stare at the front pedal while you jump onto the unicycle.[/I] This will help you get your foot succesfully on the pedal, and even if your back foot misses the back pedal, the unicycle will slowly pedal forwards, giving you plenty of time to get your back foot on.
    - Be sure you practice this for about a good 30 minutes total untill you have determined that you can land it [I]at least [/I]90 percent of the time.

Step 2: Unispin Mount

 -A mount in which you spin the unicycle 180 degrees, while jumping onto the unicycle.
     -First, be sure you have the jump mount down almost perfectly.  Practice repetedly, to ensure you don't get seriously injured when it comes time to do the unispin mount.
     -Second, only put the unicycle at a slight angle, and see if you can jump mount, while turning the unicycle a little bit.  be sure you can do this at least 3 times in a row, before moving on.
     -Third, you turn the unicycle at a 45 degree angle, and jump onto the uni, but be sure that the uni is turning, and not you. You should not have to turn to meet the unicycle. Instead, turn the unicycle towards you.
     -Fourth, you will turn the unicycle at a 90 degree angle. This is where intimidation comes into place. Do not back out of this, or you will fall.  Just go for it.  It will be much easier to you, now that you have pretty much mastered the jump mount.  It helps if you anticipate where the pedal will end up, rather than staring at the pedal while you jump.  Once you have landed this, you must keep practicing.  As you may all know, practice is what makes you improve.
     -Fifth, is the final attempt to learning the unispin mount.  you will now hold the unicycle in a 180 degree position, and then go for it. Don't worry, you'll be fine.  Just keep in mind everything you practiced, and you should roll away with the unispin mount.

Step 3: Unispin

  • A semi - advanced trick, where you jump, spin the unicycle around, and land back on the cranks/pedals successfully.

    -Be sure you have SIF pre hops dialed in.  You cant learn rolling hops right away.  All you have left to do, is try to land a unispin.  With both hands on the seat, jump off of the unicycle. It is up to you weather you decide to lift your legs up, or spread them apart, to give the wheel space to turn.  Once you are airborne, note it is not necessary to lift the unicycle. At first, you can just let it rest on the ground.  Eventually, you can lift the unicycle, but thats once you are better, and a master of the unispin while the unicycle is on the ground.

I hope this tutorial has helped all of you, and you can go about the unispin with less trouble.

-Brendan Roman

This has already been done

This is much clearer than the other, and is well written.

This is a good tutorial, thank you beeper.

definitely the best unispin tutorial i’ve read…thank you…

I encourage you to do this for more tricks


sweet. any tutorial suggestions as to what i should make next?

Pick something you would have liked a few tips for when you were learning it…something where there is a clearly better way of learning than the “just go for it man” tip.

Im a pretty limited rider… there are only a few things i can do. Unispins, Occasionally a crankflip, Ive gotten quite good at rolling hops, Im learning to ride backwards, and one foot wheelwalk, i can seat-wrap mount, and almost double seat-wrap mount.

of those, which would you guys want to learn?

I can do other things, but i wouldn’t call them “tricks”. Idling, Jumping sets i’ve become good at, and side hopping i can get a good 2.5’ up.

All of these things I found pretty challenging, and any tips at the time would have helped. If I were to make a tutorial for everything I have listed, then which would you guys prefer me to start with?

Me and Skrobo have already gotten the rolling hop guides covered.

Two that would be good to do, are the seat wrap mounts, mainly just stabalizing yourself on the crank/pedal, so the uni does not roll away form you.

And the other, would be the 1ft-ww. I think those two would be a good help for a lot of people.

No efence, I can see that you have gone to alot of effort here but why another? There are loads of unispin tutorials out there now. I admit I made one but that was because after reading and watching many I felt there was one major part that was left out which I felt was one of the most crucial parts, the hand position/movements. I went out filming and made one showing clearly how to do the parts that I found hard. Your tutorial more or less says the same thing as many others just written differently. By all means write more, that would be great, theres nothing better than a detailed tutorial to wach/read when learning a trick but if theres already a perfetly good tutorial for that trick just leave it.

go for wheel walking…i can’t slash haven’t tried that yet…but i’d like to

I have half made a ww video tutorial, I could finish that off if you want, shouldnt take long.

Ok I have decided to finish my ww tutorial because I have already put alot of effort into it. I have filmed more clips now and think I have finaly got all the clips I need. I just need to finish editing them and add the rest of instructions/tips.

That would be cool…i always like good video tutorials…especially where is it something that seems impossible at first