Beat up shins

okay so my shins have got 10 times the amount of beating in the last year since i started unicycling then throughout the whole rest of my life. I recently got some Fox bmx leg armor. Will wearing this leg armor while learning new tricks hinder me when i try landing them without it? In addition, is there any treatment for my shins to get rid of the dozens of scars?

You mean to say that you accumulated dozens of scars before even considering protection? I’m assuming your statement was hyperbolic, yes?

Learning tricks with shin guards on probably won’t hinder you much when you take them off, but more often than not, you will always be out on the uni for the purpose of improving your skill. A wise man once said wear your shin guards, especially when doing things that are unpredictable and you initially suck at.
That man was me.

I don’t do tricks, only distance, so the only safety gear I wear is fingerless, padded gloves and a helmet. Since you are constantly striving to learn new things, you will fall often and therefore need to wear your gear, even if only out for a few minutes. I’ve had a few scares where I wish I had been wearing my helmet though I only practiced for about 5 minutes.

It really depends on what armour you’re wearing. If it’s knee and shin it might get in your way, but if only shin you should be fine. Besides you will soon learn to learn new tricks around the armour.
About getting rid of scars… I don’t know. Some of mine have gone away with time, but others are here to stay. The best way to prevent a bite from scaring is to bandage it really well right away and keep it moist throughout the healing process. In other words don’t let it scab. And always wear the armour. THe other day I went out to ride (my bike) and had a debate in my mind whether or not to wear the guards and i was like “nah, I’m only gonna be out for a few minutes.” And then bam a pedal bite cut almost to the bone.
Take a look at this YUMMY!

ouch! that thread was full of pain! Unfortunately,those wounds look all too familiar on my own shins. And yes, I have gone months without the thought of leg armor for months… dull thinking on my part. But thank you both for the advice and tips!

Believe me, you’re not the only one. But now that you’re thinking, Consider your brain. It only takes one awkward, out of control
fall to potentially change your life permanently. Ask yourself if your brain is worth more, or less, than the price of a skate helmet. :slight_smile:
In my experience, it doesn’t get in the way of doing tricks.

Wearing gear takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get used to the idea of having it on, you may find yourself more confident, and have an easier time doing moves that might otherwise be “scary”.

I agree with John here, once you have “perfected” a skill you might want to try it with less armor but until then better safe than sorry. At some point you will damage yourself without armor, it’s inevitable. They aren’t called accidents because you planned them. Several times I’ve UPD’d and heard a “ting” sound at the end only to wonder what it was. Come to find out it was my helmet hitting a metal post or picknick bench! :astonished:

BTW: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, no 720’s while texting! :stuck_out_tongue:

kk thanks guys this is useful info. I went out and bought a good solid helmet as well. Landed my first few 180 unispins the other day! :0

Instead of guards to protect your shins, you could get plastic pedals. It’ll still hurt, but not as much, and may still give some scraps, but no gashes.

While doing anything where I may hit my shins I always wear full knee/shin pads. I’d rather take the time to put them on and be a bit warmer than risk the potential pain.

Wrong. The top one was made with metal pins - the bottom ones with all-plastic pedals. Both hurt just as much (I switched pedals and got back on after the first set, gave up for the day after the second) and a while later it’s hard to tell the difference

Straight after that I bought shin pads, which I now wear when doing anything new which I reckon might result in hitting a pedal - don’t think I’ve actually made use of the front bit, though the wrap around the back has helped a couple of times. As John says, it helps a lot with my confidence to be using protective kit - just to scared to try stuff without sometimes.

Don’t know why you’d want to get rid of the scars - I reckon they add character, and don’t chicks dig them (or are you a chick?)