BC Wheel One Foot Wheel Walking

Getting inspiration from the Ultimate Wheel Wheel Walking thread, I wonder: Can anyone do it?

To me this sounds much easier. Unfortunately I don’t own a BC wheel, and even if I had one I can’t ride very far. So if it hasn’t been done before someone else have to try it. Or in other words: you do the hard work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evan Byrne has done it check out his gallery.

Evan’s good, but he hasn’t done it. At least not by the traditional definition of wheel walking. One-foot wheel walking would be one foot pushing the wheel while the other foot does nothing; is not on a pedal.

But one foot on the plate while the other pushes the wheel, or gliding, seems well within the margins of doability!

I’ve seen someone ride the BC with one foot, for a brief period of time. With only one foot on the plate, this leaves a very wide margin for an UPD. I’ll see what I can do with my BC later, and make a video for laughs…

Thanks for the tip. I haven’t had time to check his movies yet - just finished an exam today and have to tackle another one on Tuesday. Can you give me a hint which one I should watch?

I thought about gliding too, but that feels a little bit pointless on a BC. On the other hand, one foot ww isn’t very pointfull either. (I thought I just made up that word, but apparently not).

If my memory serves me right, I’ve seen videos where BC riders stand on one plate an use the other foot to kick the ground, similar to a skater.
Videos are always appreciated. Except in exam times. But I need a laugh, so I’m looking forward to seeing it.