BC Wheel First Time Builder

Hey, i’m becoming interested in BCs. There’s been some arguement about the difference in sizes (20"/24" whatever) and i havent gotten a clear cut answer on which is better. I know a guy down the road who has literally hundreds and hundreds of bikes in his front and backyard. I can get anything i want bikewise off him (theyre all rusty and old, but it’s free). Can anyone help me out with which size would be best for learning on a BC wheel and an easy way to make foot plates (i dunno what they are called), and any tips on how to learn. Thanks a lot

I say 26"s are best, they are just the right size for control between your legs, and 26"s are much more widely avalible than 24"s or maybe even 20"s.

Im sure the next post is going to say 20"s are the way to go.

No offense to Evan (he is the BC guy) but Id say that to learn on a 20" is best becuase it goes the slowest of the three. You’ll need a pretty good rim and a 14mm axel unless you want it to break really soon.

But after he has learned he is stuck with a bc he cant do much with.

Well he could just switch out the rim…

Now really, Whats the point in that? Getting a 20" JUST to learn on? Pff, 26/26"s arn’t THAT hard to learn on.

Oh well your the man. He can decide.

ok… if you can get whatever you want then I say you get all 3 rims … and make plates out of like 3" angle iron and just swap them out to whichever one you want

i made mine out of the plates that hold a garage door to the wall, but they bend too easily :frowning:

i made mine in 5 mins…

i just put mine togethter a few minutes ago, i used a wheel from an old 24 incher(i am pretty tall(about 5’10"), so you might want something else) in the backyard. i used super crappy plates that i made in metals, that i had to redrill cuz they hung way too low(about 5" drilled to about 3")

evan i asked you a few months ago and you said 26s are too high 20s are too dodgy and 24s are juuuust right.

A 26" with 1.75 tire is about the same as a 24" with 3.0 tire

is that what you had?(24x3)

cuz wasnt your halo rim and a hookworm 24"s? or have you gotten a new one?

I use different tires for what ever mood im in.

well i’ve just found i’ve got a nice chrome 24" rim in the shed with spokes and a rear hub. I’d probably have to take the rear hub off and replace it with another one i’ve got down there to a front hub. it’s got a fairly slick tyre on it which is good. How would i go about making the plates? just got some 3" angle iron and drill a hole in one side?? what should the distance be between the hole and the part where i put my feet? Thanks guys

heres what you said bout your hazard/halo/hookworm(whoa! hhh) here

ok so youve got more than one white one?


man this sucks, i just had a nice old upd on the bc. i was just getting about 10-15 feet consistantly, then took a water break then was tired but figured id try once more, i jumped on , went about 5 feet, stopped suddenely, slid across my drive way about 3 feet on my habds and hip.and the feeling is just now coming back to those places and it fricken hurts!

get a fireball tire on that would be sweet

It eats your leg to hell, even with ace wraps.

Spencer will agree with me.

I agree.