Hi, Im new here and I have been unicycling for about 3 months and my balls are always in pain when i ride. When I free mount and go off curbs its crushes them. I have to lean against a wall and position them. But even then they still kinda hurt. How do u guys jump staircases and stuff without crushing them? Any tips or suggestions?

ano… you don’t sit when you land a jump. your standing on the pedals …
Balls get used to it.

Do you hold the seat when you drop off, then land on the pedals and absorb it in your legs?

Basicly, there is a nice image somwhere demonstrating where to position your jewles but I can’t seem to find it, i’ll find it tommorow and post it, seeing as it is time for me to got to bed

Cool, thanx man.

You dont sit on your balls! Never! that is just too much pain to have to uni.

Move them up in front and out of the way. You get used to sscopping them out of the way right as you mount or as your landing a jump and going back to sitting on the seat. It will become second nature and you wont notice yourself moving it, and no one else will either, cause you dont even need to use your hands to move them out of the way.

When going down a curb, thats about the biggest height you can go down without getting racked, and even on curbs, jsut standing up aobut 2cm off the seat wouldnt hurt. When going off jumps and gaps, youll be on your pedals the whole time, and probably have maybe 3 to 5+ inches between your crotch and seat. Plenty of room for not getting hit.

Of course you want to hold the handle, it would be hard to jump without it. When landing, absorb the force with your hand holding the saddle, and your legs. Right as you land, let your legs kinda ‘give-out’ if you will kinda like a spring hitting the ground. It hits and compresses then rebounds back up. Do that type of motion with your legs but dont tuck down so much that your pretty much slamming your junk into the saddle.

You can also use your hand to brace the force and keep your body up, but you dont want to keep your arm completly straight. I cant really explain, but it will come to you automatically.

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What do u mean by “handle”? I just hold onto the front of my seat. :thinking:

this ( ) is a handle.

if you have a cheap seat or a freestyle seat you won’t have a handle

Does your seat not have a plastic handle?

Most models do have a plastic handle on the front, and a plastic bumper on the back. If it doesnt, just holding onto the front of the seat will suffice, but handles are so much better, and comfortable to hold.

the CX doesn’t really have a “handle” it’s more like a front bumper so if you have a CX you are holding onto a bumper.

I have a cheap unistar torker: It has a plastic bumper in the front and back of the seat. Its pretty small for me. My leg is still bent when the pedal goes all the way down.

do you ride a bike? if so you are probably used to the position of your “things” when riding. its about the same when uniing.

i also learned on a unistar (a CX in fact). it held up excellently learning, and well into my jumping on and off curbs, and up and down (one at a time!) a 5 set. but it began to bend, at bent an incredible amount. finally it became unsafe to ride, and i purchased a DX i reccommend you do the same. its well worth it.

That is a CX a well built learner although you may want to purchase a new one (I have yet to do that as mine hasn’t broken or really bent) when you get good enough.

Well i’ve only been uniing for like 3 months. Is DX the next size up or something?


The DX is a cheap strong splined unicycle, so your getting a strong uni for a cheap price.

I still love posting that.:smiley: :astonished:

What are bike shorts? Are they like spandex? :thinking:

they are spandex-ish with a special padding stuff, available at you LBS (Local Bike Shop)

yes somebody found it. Iwas waiting for somebody to post that

I was looking for it but I couldn’t find it so now it’s on my computer for quick and easy future access…