Save Your Boy's (nuts)

i use to race down hill bike shorts work good there but then again my ass was never on the seat, i’ll just stick to duct tape it is really handy at times!!

Low saddle, I run my trials uni just so low I never land on my balls when I fail to land a trick.

yepo same dustin, although i have hurt myelf doing seat in jumps up benches and missing… but is very rare.



Duct-tape sounds… uncomfy. I always slide the saddle in from behind, then they lie in front of the rest…

There are so many threads that have been made about this.

Here’s a start:




This thread makes me lol.

Nice mr. monkey.

The only time i have every bagged myself was doing a seat in drop when my foot slipped and I ended up landed in my seat right on my left cojones

Just land on you pedals and it wont happen

ya i know there was alot more out there but i found them lil boring thought i try one that was lil more out going and see if ppl could have fun with it, really i wear biking shorts one size to small and it seems to hold them up and out of the way fine and they are to small cause i’m to lazy to go get ones that fit lol

Sometimes banging the boys around too much is an indication that your seat is a little bit too high. Try lowering it a bit and see what happens.

  1. S.i.f., S.i.b.
  2. Land on pedals
  3. Seat push/drag constantly
  4. Ayers Rock/Uluroo (Google it if you don’t know what it is.) Basically pull your twin-sack up over your twins so it ends up looking like that.
  5. Be a woman. Frankly i’m surprised that there aren’t more female unicyclists.

I’d say that’s the best course of action.

Let us know how you get on with this technique.

If possible film your face when you remove the duct tape.

what situations do you hurt yourself in? Normal riding? Jumping down stuff? Trying other tricks?

My only advice is

  1. get off and have a walk if you’re getting uncomfortable
  2. catch crankflips asafp when you’re hitting that 7-set

i tried to flim for you but i couldnt get my nuts to my chest so its not all the same sorry when i;m able to pull it off i’ll try film it again

It might also depend on what kind of seat you have. I used to use an old crappy seat that came with first uni and I would often find my self getting hurt. I soon got a kh and many things that would hurt on my other seat didn’t hurt at all. I may have just gotten better at not landing on my nuts, but i think the seat upgrade helped a lot.

I reckon you’re going to have to stretch the parts in question over time.

Perhaps you could rig up some sort of spring arrangement for when you sleep.

I think you just gotta decide what’s more important to you;

a) your testicles
b) unicycling

one of 'ems gotta go.