Backflip On A Unicycle!!!! kinda

i can with a wall and on skis

Now that we’re over the junior high school name-calling, I thought that was pretty good! It’s not easy flipping with a unicycle, because the wheel weight is further from your center of mass (off a unicycle) than anything else, making it much harder to get rotation. I remember trying to go headfirst off a diving board once. I got about half the rotation I was expecting to get, which made for a glad-nobody-was-videotaping unicycling bellyflop!

If you lower your seat as much as possible, and go for lots of tuck it may be easier to get the rotation you need.

i also thought it was awesome, it will be very interesting for the sport once you land it. Think about all the variations that could be made by just landing that one trick

Do it SIF, and tuck the wheel to your butt. That made it easier in my attempts.

Dangit! When I had a place and was doing my attempts, I had no camera. Now I have a camera, and no place with a mat. Ill have to look around for a foam pit or something.


you could be really creative and make one yourself. Sew a huge bag together, and over stuff it with cotton.

Stop trying it. It won’t happen. haha. But seriously. Ok, when rotating during flips you have to curl into a ball. To spin fast, the unicycle will prevent this. How to correct it, do a bigger drop for the flip. To actually have enough time the drop would be so large you would break the unicycle. Plus you lose an arm to throw your weight around, reducing speed again. Not good. I guess some guy did in australia, well news about it was about a year ago, but i’ve heard nothing. Really if this was done, eveyrone would hear of it.

-Shaun Johanneson

I swear on my KH20 that this has been done, properly off a ledge. The guy was gonna get it recorded for TV the week that I was in Australia but his profiles already had cracks in them and I think it was too mangled on the day. He’s even a member of RSU, uniqxtreme4christ…

I’m sure one of the Australians can back me up on this? Napalm, Tomsey?

The trampoline backflip is a good step in the right direction but I think it’s still really nowhere near the real deal. I mean, I learned how to do backflips (no unicycle) on a trampoline a few months ago and there’s no chance of me trying one on the ground. Actually, I think I’d find it easier to do a backflip on a trampoline with a unicycle then to do a backflip on the ground without one.

When you say backflip a unicycle, Would that include support aids?? :smiley: :smiley:

Haha, I really don’t know why you’re so happy about that comment, who’s in on the joke? support aids? :o

Never mind, I’m just being myself, a very weird and unusual person.

That’s all it ever is. Suppose to film it, I did it but didn’t film it. No one would risk it without a camera. And I don’t care how comfortable they are backflipping without a uni. With a uni distorts all rotation.

-Shaun Johanneson

we just got a cold snap down here i VA so practicing is kinda hard, but later this weekend, i’ll try to get some better videos of me actually pulling the flip on the trampoline. i also found an old mattress, and if i can get the courage i might try it off of a ledge onto the mattress.

F-ing rad, man! That’s got to be just about the hardest thing to do on a unicycle, but I refuse to be a nay-sayer, you have my complete support. Need help building a platform/foam pit? There’s always at least two free mattresses on Craigslist at any given time.

Make Richmond proud!

Yup me too.

I don’t think it’s that risky if you’re fully commited to it and know what you’re doing, you’re never going to break your neck. The problem is breaking your unicycle or your ankles.

I don’t buy into this stuff about the unicycle’s weight affecting your centre of mass and makes it too hard to flip, I think it’s purely a psychological barrier. I could EASILY do flips with a 6kg weight tied to my feet.

Give me a 5ft drop to a foam pit and I’ll have this trick in the bag within an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

If you droped me from 5 miles up with an oxygen tank, a paracute, and a unicycle I could do 852 backflips and land it!

5 foot drop and a foam pit :roll_eyes: . God that isn’t even close…Then what how you gonna land it from there? 5’ drop onto concrete…OUCH.

I think foam pit isn’t the way to go with it.

Ledge-Mat while ditching uni to land.
Ledge-Mat land it.
Ledge-ditch uni to land.
Ledge-Land it.

Good Job Max keep it up!

5ft is a nothing drop, I could do that George Peck styles without my hands. The aim with the foam pit would be to hit it balanced (just the right rotation), I’d probably go for a backwards rollout to save the cranks though.

Yup, physics is all in your imagination. I didn’t mean to imply that it’s not possible, but try it yourself to see how much harder it is to get rotation speed.

Ok do it In the next hour and I will bow before you untill then your a fucking idiot. You got 59 minutes left…

Do what? a 5ft drop, or a backflip? Shouldn’t the hour start from when you provide me with a foampit?