Backflip On A Unicycle!!!! kinda

well the name says it all, these are my first video taped attempts at backflipping on the unicycle. they’re on the trampoline and i will get better ones when it’s lighter outside. the first one is of me landing on y back and then flipping over to the wheel. the second is of my first frontflip attempt. and the third is of my first actual backflip attempt, it’s not to pretty, but it was getting dark.


Get a movie up when you can actually land it! That would be cool:)

can you??

No, but I didn’t start a thread just for failed retarded backflips.:wink:
I don’t have a tramp, so tough luck:(

you also dont have any fucking common curtousy to be able to support people for actually trying something that might involve some skill and might take some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from fellow riders to learn so you know wut…FUCK YOU!!!

Notice the smilies angryboy. You should remove that sand in your vagina.

ok but you should at least be supportive of other riders. instead of saying that wha they are doing is “retarded”

What offers can I give for “constructive criticism?” if all I ask for is the vid to be put here when you’ve landed it?
You need to learn how to take jokes, and understand when people use smilies that it isn’t making fun of you.

dude, that could have been pretty dece if you hadn’t just freaked out on behalf of something you can’t do yet.

well it is kinda dumb

yea i know and im sorry that i lost my cool, but all i ever see on this site is constructive criticism and it just “frosted my cookies” so to say to get such a rude comment back…sorry to all who read this, but i would still love some comments. thanks

I think many people agree with me on this. I was no even close to your spaz-like “F THAt and F This!! You suck cause I didn’t even land it!”
So you are the poor victim that got picked on by evil nasty bullies.

He just appologized, i think we should let it go now.

u mess with my friend and thats like messing with me and i dont like to be messed with

Woah, everyone just drop it. Its pointless anyways.

Anyways, I think your going at it kinda wrong. I would rather practice off a ledge, landing onto a pad. A very thick cushiony pad.

It just seems that the trampoline is too sluggish.

When I practicing, I would do a still stand at the ledge, then whip my free hand down and follow through with my body, and when my body was already tilting towards the ground, I would jump with the uni and finish the rotation.

Too bad I got kicked off the place with the mats, and now I cant find a suitable place to practice anymore. Keep it up though. =p

thanks jerrick…umm thats wut i plan on doing, at least kinda. i dont really have access to a big squishy pad, but i know that because the trampoline is a little sluggish that if i can at least get most of the way around, then i know for a fact that i’ll be able to get all the way around off of a ledge. in fact i’ll probably practice into water first like off of a dock or something. but i will have landed it by the end of the summer most definately.

Can you backflip on flat ground? (no uni, obviously lol)

yea, i ran out of light tonight before i could get a vid of it, i’ll get one up probably tomorrow.

That’s awesome. I was just checking, since I was going to say you might want to get that down completely before you tackle it with a uni, just for the sake of building the muscle for it, ha.