Back it up Game


This is a game where someone copies a trick that was done and then puts out there own trick for someone else to copy. Luke Collalto started it out with the trey fakieflip and I continued it. So next person copies my last trick then puts out a trick of their own to be copied.

-Shaun Johanneson

why would you make it so hard?
can a normal hickflip count?

I guess I made it so hard to people would have to go out and practice it for awhile. The Trey Fakieflip took me just over a half an hour to hit first time. But if you want to start another one with a hickflip go for it, that would be really cool, Like hit a hickflip then do a different trick. It would be cool to have different games going on in this thread, hard to find though, lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

yeah its just that that trick is really hard ok i’ll do a normal hickflip then a backflip

I made this same game over a year ago. It is in this thread

We started out as just doing one trick like that then we moved on to combos because it was more fun.

Jeff L. also made a different game where instead of just making a new combo, you add another trick on to the previous one. We got up to over 20 tricks in one combo, it was tiring.

the problem with that though is there was really no advancment. This trick took awhile for me to learn (30 minutes is awhile). A late hickflip is tricky but ya can learn it. Trick combos are cool too, we could do those, but it should all be flips since watching people hop a dozen dozen times gets really borning to try to keep up with the game. But I don’t know.

-Shaun Johanneson

Thats true I guess but with your game you will have maybe 3 people that post on here that are good enough to keep up. You could have separate games within this thread but that would be confusing and there is not as much incentive to try the harder tricks when people can just start their own new one.

True, but I don’t totally mind just having three people on here posting. Maybe a trick will roll around that someone else can pop in and bust. I don’t mind, anyone who wants in can have in, or start there own one. I suppose it’s just to get people out there practicing more flip tricks.

-Shaun Johanneson

im putting mine on youtube and the gallery now

I haven’t been able to find out what a treyflip is. And to “back it up” do you have to do all the tricks done so far (that would make it harder) or just the trick the person before you did and then the new one.

heres my turn

I did shauns trick, except I kind of just did a higher hickflip instead of a late one. Whatever. New trick I did was Hick Fakieflip.


I like the idea that it’s not always the easiest trick in the world. I want to go out and push myself to land a late hick, I think it would be good motivation. True, there are only a handful of people on here that could trey fakie but there are alot more people who do flip tricks and could come in with a shout of landing a hick late.
I do think this is very similar to the previous game, and I did like the idea of combos but I do agree that it wasn’t really going anywhere skillwise as we tried to make it accessable to as many people as possible. Perhaps the people who won’t push themselves to land a trick will get satisfaction out of watching other riders push themselves.



So basically what you’re all doing is a version of S.K.A.T.E from the tony hawk games, see kids doing this all the time at local skatepark. I’d love to join in but maybe i’ll wait and start the beginner version of it so I have a chance to keep up.
Decent enough way to make folk try new stuff though

ok i’ve done skate4flip’s trick and i did my own trick, it’s just an outflip.

Cool game. I have a great trick for it, but no camera at the moment.

please dont make it too hard.:o

I’ve done the outflip and I’ve done my own trick…well I’ve done two, couldn’t decide. I’d like to see if any of you can pull both, any objections don’t hesitate to mention, but I know most of you will be fine,

Unfortunately it ain’t loaded yet, I’ll post a link soon, so don’t anyone post it first!

P.S. Oops, noticed a mistake in the titles. replace where it says BLIND with SWITCH HAND, sorry bout that.

Here it is,

Back it Up!

and remember, replace blind with switch hand, sorry for the sloppiness.

Can’t be arsed to change my vid, took way to long. - Is the outspin fakie thing, whatever Jas did. - As you can see, I didn’t see Jas uploaded his. Thats mine.