Anyone know where to buy an Innova Pro Podium 24x.2.8

Whilst looking around at kids bikes I came across one that I noticed had an interesting looking tyre. The tyre was rebranded “Yosemite” (the bike sub-brand of the Nordic retailer Biltema, where I saw the bike). However, looking more carefully I noted that it was actually an Innova tyre with the pattern code IB-3014-01 listed on the side. The dimensions listed were 24x2.8 (70-507) and the inflation recommendations were between 15-30psi.

A little searching online and I found what I believe to be the tyre (Innova Pro Podium) based on my recollection of the tyre pattern. A couple of Innova pages provided a little more information about it: 60tpi, 785g, Folding, and with a “part number” of PO2428001.

Here is a picture I found of the 27.5 variant of the same tyre:

The tyre is closing in on the size of the Duro Wildlife / Razorback / Halo Contra but it is significantly lighter. Now my problem. As far as I can tell Biltema does not sell replacement tyres separately and I cannot find a source online.

So my questions.

  • Has anyone ever tried this tyre on a unicycle and if so how did you find it?
  • Does anyone know where I could buy this tyre?
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This might also be an interesting one for @rogeratunicycledotcom to see if they (UDC) can source as a potential alternative Muni tyre for their 24" unis.

P.S. If you get some and sell them, I will likely buy one off you. :wink:

PDF side 22 (“page” 44) of this list of Innova bike tyres for 2022 (PDF) also confirms some details.

I’d be interested in something like this for my old KH MUni.

It’s great fun with a Holy Roller 2.4 (at 730g), but that’s no good for anything off-road other than hard-packed ground really.

A couple of other 24" fatter tyres I have come across, that would be ok for offroad:

Maxxis High Roller 24 x 2.5 1150g
Specialized Big Roller 24 x 2.8" 835g - some camber initally but improves or you get used to it
Kenda Slant Six 24 x 2.6" ~750g

Maxxis Hookworm 24 x 2.5 - not an offroad tyre

Yep, my friend’s uni has the Holy Roller 2.4 tyre and it’s fun to ride. You know how the tyre will behave. Dependable.

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That doesn’t look all that bad. If no luck with the Innova then I might have to try and source one of those.

I have not ridden this one, so have ordered a sample.

It does look good, but with it having such light sidewalls it may not function for unicycles as well as bikes… but lets see. :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! You are the best!

P.S. I will take this opportunity to say thanks. I ordered a wheel build from UDC :uk: the other day and you completed it in one day and sent it the next. Very impressive, especially when I consider how busy you must be right now with new stock having just arrived. You and your team are amazing as always. :wink:


There is also the Kenda Kaos 24x 2.80 as an alternative
It is also very light, but also has thin side walls. It drives well. I classify it more as a cross tire than a downhill tire



And it has arrived! I was a bit concerned about the state of the box but the wheel seems fine

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Did you have any luck with getting a sample of this?

I’m still on the lookout for a nice 24" tyre that’s better in mud than a Holy Roller but not as much of a tank as the Duro.

I should probably see if I can get my hands on the Specialised Big Roller to try too.

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Not yet. Everything takes for ever at the moment!


Any news @rogeratunicycledotcom ?

I’ve pre-ordered a Big Roller 24x2.8 for delivery in February as I’m currently short a 24" tyre. I’ll report back.

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I’ve been riding on a big roller for a few months now and by and large I like it. I wish the tread were more aggressive though. I had no problems with it up until November when the trails started to get covered with leaves and slick with mud. I’ve had a few falls now where the tire has just slipped out from under me. It’s not that annoying on flat ground, but on steep descents I’ve landed on my back a couple of times. Before that I was riding on a Vee Crown Gem and I think the big roller is more forgiving when riding over rough terrain.

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Yeah it doesn’t look like the most aggressive tread but it’s a super cheap tyre compared to a lot of the alternatives (I guess it has to be to end up popular on kids bikes) so I’m sure I’ll find a used for it.

It’s a lightweight tire too. I’m planning to swap it for a Duro Wildlife in the near future, but overall I think it’s a good tire option to have.

Yuck, that’s what I’m staying away from. They’re just too darn heavy.

The one I own right now I actually found hanging in a tree about 7 years ago so clearly someone else also didn’t love it.

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No, they are just not sending out samples at the moment.

I did my first long muni ride on the Duro Leopard and I liked it a lot. It just seemed to pivot much easier than the big roller and seemed more controlled on drops and it also had noticeably better traction. There was one technical climb that I have completed many times in the past that I simply could not complete today. I’m.not sure if it was the tire or me that was at fault as I was exhausted by that point, but overall I’m liking this overweight tire.