Amputee Unicyclist? YES!

Hey everyone, its good to be back after years. I haven’t been able to ride for quite some time after being injured but now that I’ve got a second leg again, I’m back!

Yesterday was 11 weeks post amp and 10 days into actually having the leg. Lets just say the idea popped into my head and I couldn’t not do it after seeing the thread back in 2009 where somebody thought there was an amputee unicyclist. Now there is! I’m certainly not claiming to be the first, I’m just here to share some pics! And yes, I know the tire is flat!

The crutches are because I’m still not full weight bearing yet. Mounting is challenging but interesting.

Even greater skills than ‘normal’ unicyclists have!!!

Wow, that’s awesome. Congrats on getting back on the uni!

I admire you so much for your determination.
Keep on it, I’m sure you’re going to become better and better!

What an inspiring accomplishment. I take it you used to ride before losing the leg? This opens up all kinds of avenues for responses to “where’s your other wheel” that I hope you plan to take full advantage of.

Wow, this is unbelievably inspirational! Congratulations and WELCOME BACK! :smiley:

Great job, Josef. Ride in some races or events and you’ll have all the people (even other unicyclists) totally amazed and awed!

Awesome and inspiring. I had a student this year who lost a leg. He was interested in learning stand up paddling and unicycling. He proudly showed me his artificial knee which he would use with his prosthetic leg. Sadly he died a few weeks ago (cancer). I am glad to see that you are able to get back out there and ride. I had wondered how that would go? Good luck with your riding. Where are you located?

What an inspiration to everyone who will see you ride, and to all of us here that read about it! I know I’m not alone in wanting to know and see more about your upcoming unicycle adventures.

Just yesterday I was talking to someone about unicycling and the topic came up about losing an arm (and would you still ride without it), and it made me wonder if you could unicycle with one leg. You just answered that question.
Sounds like you are working hard on a quick recovery with your new prosthetic.

If your loss of limb was a result of service to country, you have my sincere thanks and respect for your sacrifice. Either way, I respect and admire your tenacity.

Please keep us posted on your progress!

Welcome back thanks for not giving up on this wonderful sport. I hope this dont sound rude of me but. you may have lost a leg but not your balance. your quite an inspiration to alot of people. I really dont know what to say execept wow!

Awesome to see. The second pic really looked like you were loving it.


Wow, I thought riding a unicycle was a challenge with all of my limbs attached.
You rock . . . . what’s next: a uni century with one leg?



With all of your hard work and your achievement paid off. Way to go!

You are officially awesome. I’m sorry about your injury and I’m glad you’re were still able to get back into riding. Please keep us posted on your progress! Hope you can get in some longer rides soon.

Like the others…I am impressed and think you are awesome! Well done and keep it up.

Very impressive mate.

That’s one more of you.

Your smile in that second pic is priceless.

An inspiration to us already-unicyclists! Gives new meaning to the idea of one-foot riding… :slight_smile:

One day I’ve seen one legged cyclist passing me by and I’ve told myself that I will ride whatever happens. You big guy show that it is really possible! Good luck!

Wow!!! Great!!! That is amazing.

Thank you for the pictures.

Awesome stuff! Do tell more. What’s the most difficult bit about riding? Is UPD manageable?