America's Got Talent Looking for Unicyclists

I got an e-mail from a casting person for America’s Got Talent. It seems he is looking for people in Los Angeles, but anywhere you could probably get in touch and work something out.

Here is the e-mail, I don’t want to publish someone’s email address without his permission so if you’re interested PM me and I can give it you.

Hello Unicyclists of LA!

I’m a casting director for America’s Got Talent and I’m looking for some of the best and most interesting from your group to audition for the next season of our show. Specifically, I’m looking for flashy, custom-made unicycles, choreographed groups, awesome tricks, unicycling combined with other talents, or anything fresh.

We’ll be holding auditions in Los Angeles the weekend of January 29-31, which is coming up soon. If you’re interested in being a part of America’s favorite and most lucrative talent show- here’s what I need as soon as possible.

  1. A DVD of you (or your group) doing what you do best- keep it short and sweet

  2. A completed application- I’m attaching one to this email

When you return these two things- I’ll take a look, and if I love it- I’ll book you with a private audition with our executive producers. No waiting in lines- just a chance to do your thing in front of the people who make the show.

Please feel free to pass this info around- but remember that time is of the essence here- I need these DVDs to be sent in (or dropped off in person) this week (by Friday Jan 9)!

Shoot me an email to let me know to expect your DVD, or to ask any question you might have.

I hope to see your group well represented in the biggest and best season of America’s Got Talent yet!

Brad Holman

Wow, Thats awesome!

I wish I was good enough :confused: I nominate spencer. He lives in CA, is awesome at flatland and street, and is all around a good representative of the sport.

I was just gonna say that too. Spencer Hochberg ftw!

Already contacted the show! Sending a DVD today. Not sure if they’re looking for one or more to be booked, but I guess we’ll see!:smiley:

Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson
“Going to the extreme…on just ONE wheel!”

niceee, this is my favorite show on TV… I’ll be looking for you haha:p

That sounds really cool, I think I will try to do it. I’m living in LA for school but I don’t have a car so we’ll see if it works out.

And if you happen to win you get a million dollars!!:stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds interesting… but for my own Jackie-ish reasons I hate shows like this.

But it has unicycles!
I hope to see a complete show with one wheelers called: So you think you can Uni? (with english accent).
Good Luck with all that go for it. But no circus songs.

They want to make unicycling a pornographic, sell-out sport like mountain biking or bmx.

As much as I hate to say it, unicycling will not win.

The pogo sticker did not make it through the round because they thought it was a cool, potentially successful sport, but they were looking for the next David Blane or Sinatra.

I just think it will be good publicity for the sport.

And the sword-swallower didn’t make it past the first round because the judges didn’t know “if America is ready for this”. Or was that the contortionist? Both acts that have been around for thousands of years. Too bad the show doesn’t have judges who know anything about variety acts.

A unicyclist did make it to the top ten in the first season. He just wasn’t using unicycling in his performances. That was Johnny Lone-Star, the trick roping, gun-twirling bottle-tossing guy. Teresa and Sem also auditioned in the first season, but chose to start with an acro act and save the unicycling for later, which was probably a mistake.

Hmm, Unicycling might have a chance, it’s somewhat (not at all now that I think of it) like biking, minus a wheel and a lot more difficult. Maybe it will want to try unicycling.

I think that a unicyclist will get the same response, although unicycling is obviously superior to pogostick haha.

i hate them.

which ones? the guy that pogo sticked? or the judges?

They’ve had unicyclists on the show in the past. Mostly YMCA kind of troops one that did some basketball stuff and the other I don’t exactly remember. The thing is the show wants variety show acts than sports demonstrations.

An impressive freestyle pair or the kind of stuff that Leo does, or the unicycle boy (if he’s still around) would have a better chance of advancing in the program than someone showing off street or flatland skills.

It’s that age old divide between sports unicycling and performance unicycling.

Yeah I know Fred the Flybar rider, I have been told countless times entertaining htat I should be on that show. I always used him as an example that It would be very hard to do with my sport, cause im not doing big dancing coreographed (SP?) shows. I replied to the email, and funny enough he advised that Spencer and myself do a routine together.

You have to mention that you are the leader of Team Spencer!

They will be impressed. Good luck to you.

Go Spencer!

A tip: Do impressive stuff… not tech! They can’t say the difference between a 360 and a treyflip… And fast spins are always impressive!

Do some street and flat together and you have good chances!