Amazing Downhill Mountain Bike Video

That is awesome, I think that us unicyclists have a lot we could learn from them bikers.

It is awesome how they know the trail so well, and how they can just speed down it instantly, and make it look so smooth.

I hope you enjoy it,

I know I posted this in R.S.U, I meant to.

The video earthbound is the closest I have seen to unicyclers and mountain unicyclers really get into that flow, where you know what is there and you don’t waste time doing ugly static hops getting ready for things.


it is so incredibly flowy.
great editing.

i loved it.

I miss pete… :frowning:

so does I, his riding was so awesome.

but it is just pedaling!

haha shut up.
ok your right…
i give.

yeah, so sad he’s gone. The new generation could learn a thing or two about great riding.

I want to get back into mountain biking. My dad just got some new shocks on his mountain bike so I gotta try it out on a mountain one of these days. It feels good to be able to generate your own wind on a bike after having ridden only unicycles for 2 years.:slight_smile:

Wow. I totally missed that one whenever notice of it came around. What a great video. Some of those moves were amazing, and the long DH muni segment was amazing.

Thanks for reviving and sharing Miles.

Cool video, I think I’ve probably seen it before though. It’s cool how they make such (mostly) mild terrain so extreme.

I agree with you about muni riding. There’s certainally nothing wrong with doing trials in the middle of a muni ride, but if your hopping around a lot, it’s probably trials. Not muni.

i love dh mtb! its so much fun and watching the pros is so inspirational!

Freeride muni

I think that it would be better to develop freeride muni. I mean check this out:
It’s so sweet. Huge stuff with basic street tricks taken on the slopes off of drops. I think I’ll get a decent Muni pretty soon and expand the freeride area of MUNI.

sorry if this is a n00b question, but, where did pete go?

You should watch NWD 8 or 7. I like 7 better, but 8 is really good as well.

Pete Marchant is the one who made the video, Pete VB is the one who is riding.

Who said you can’t generate your own wind on a uni?

I’m sure John Foss and some other of the big guys have some things to say on the matter–even I can get some wind on a big enough wheel with the right crank lengths.

You can definitely generate your own wind on a coker, but it’s a lot harder on a 24 inch muni. The only way I can really feel the wind on my 24 is when I’m gliding really fast.

I feel the wind when I ride my 20.

EDIT: Thats probably the better aprt of living a spot. After hours of riding an area and trying lines and practice, when I can start to ride home and get the air flow going cooling me down.

Yeah I think some of you might be getting a bit mixed up.

He was an awesome rider, but his filmmaking skills were truly amazing. I miss him too. Just like I miss Ryan Atkins. I was watching some of Ryan’s videos on Youtube last night; it actually made me feel sad that such an amazing rider has moved on. I don’t blame him, because there isn’t that much in unicycling as a sport for athletes like him, but he was just so amazing to watch. Sorry for the threadjack, but I notice Ryan’s “big moves, rails and gaps 2” (or whatever it’s called) isn’t on Youtube anymore. Does anyone have a saved copy that they could upload? That video always inspired me.

Earthbound would have to be my favourite unicycling film ever. Rest in Peace, Pete.

I would like to see some more of Pete VB though. But I don’t think he has much time to ride these days while he’s at university.