Peter Marchant, 24

Today we were hit with some devastating news about our dear friend and fellow unicyclist Pete. He was admitted to hospital on Saturday the 7th of July, and subsequently into ICU. He had been in a drug-induced coma since Saturday, and on a respirator.

This morning, he fell into cardiac arrest, and they were not able to restart his heart. He passed away this morning and will be sorely missed by all his friends and family.

Funeral details will follow once his family has had a moment to recover from their loss, it will likely be held on Thursday or Friday this week.

For those of you who knew Pete, this will obviously be very sad news, and we encorage those of you know love him as we do to drop your support.

Peace out guys!

I didn’t know him but I feel very sorry and very sad for his friends and family.
I really don’t know what else to say.

Yes, very sad to hear. :frowning: Pete was a great guy and although i had only known him for a little under 2 years i’ve enjoyed my time knowing him.


Pete was such an awesome guy, felt like a big brother to me. So sad he’s gone : (
Rest in Peace buddy


I don’t believe it…that is really sad news

I saw him last Tuesday to pick up a video he made for the Wellington bid for Unicon XV. He’d been having a bit of indigestion but I guess that was probably a bad sign. I didn’t know he was so unwell.

Aw man…:frowning:

Rest in Peace Pete,

Ken Looi

p/s He posted on this forum as Pete66

I don’t know Pete, but it is still sad to hear. I hope his friends and family get through this tough time together.

I didn’t know Pete, but to hear a member of our community is no longer with us is a huge shock. I hope his friends and family pull through this.


That is terrible news, he was so young too.

R.I.P Pete

I’m going out right now for a ride dedicated to pete66

I’m going out right now for a ride dedicated to pete66

I’ll be doing the same. This is terrible news.

So sad to hear this, :frowning:
Pete was such a great friend and unicyclist
I am so glad i had the privilege of riding with him
pete, going to miss you mate


:astonished: he must be the guy I met on bebo! omg, so sad to see him go :frowning:

I’m very sorry to hear this and I send my condolences to his family. I feel compelled to ask what happened? Was he in an accident?

Pete66 RIP. I too would like to know what happened, unless of course it’s private.

My condolences to his friends and family.

Very sad for such a young man to pass. Rest in Peace, Pete. My condolences to his family and friends.

For those of you not privileged enough to know Pete so intimately, he was a heart transplant recipient as a child, thus has had a weak immune system due to the medication used to stop his heart from being rejected.

On Saturday afternoon, he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, and was scheduled for a heart biopsy on the day of his passing.

I had come to Wellington on Friday to visit him, and stay at his place for a few weeks, but I was unable to see him before his passing.

Your support is appreciated, as he will be missed beyond belief by all of those who knew him.

Those are very sad tidings. Although I only knew Pete from NZUni Weekend 06 I could see he was a great guy. At least he was able to live his life to the full while he could. Because I din’t know Pete on a personal level my heart goes out to those of you who did, it must be hard to loose such a close friend like that.
Full condolences to the family.
Hope the ridings good up there:)

QUOTE: Gizmoduck
Ride In Peace

I never met pete but knew him from the NZUni forums. RIP bro

Message from Jeff Marchant (Pete’s dad):

“Ken, I’ve just read the forums – tried but was unable to reply without logon, so I’d really appreciate if you could thank all the guys online from me. Pete was a rare breed indeed and very much loved. Also I’ve access to a large chunk of Pete’s video footage so would love to help Muzz & Joe with their venture. I’ll see them Friday.”


Jeff Marchant