Peter Marchant, 24

was that peter von boekhout or however you spell it

My condolences to all who knew him.

I did a brief review of some of his 938 posts and 67 threads he started. pete66 was a quality contributor to the fora, I can only imagine what he was in person.

Rest in peace.

thats a nice phrase

edit: I’m gona put a :slight_smile: here, I’m sure pett woun’t want us to be misrible

Nope I’m Peter van Boekhout.
It was Peter Marchant who passed away : (

Oh that is terrible news! I remember Pete well from my last trip to New Zealand back in 2004 for the Moonride. Such a shame he passed so much before his time.


I feel kind of bad about not seeing this thread earlier, I’ll be riding tonight in his honor. I wonder if the riding is any better when your dead…(just a little lighthearted joke to bring up the mood :slight_smile: )

Yeah, lets all be happy in his honor! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I met pete when he came over to Australia for the aus street weekend. Awsome guy and it was great to have him around. I’m really sad to hear he is gone, he will be missed.

Matty p.

rest in peace buddy.
he was a great guy.

I think we all should.


thats really sad news. Rest in Peace Peter and I hope his family and friends get through that time

We had several days of awesome riding in Wellington to honor Pete, but it is still sinking in, the fact that he can’t be with us.

Oh no. I remember we once threadjacked the whole thread with Pete just dissing each other and proving who’s a better rider. I was preparing a come-back and was so close, but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

I only knew him from the forums, but for what I knew of him, he was a really cool guy. Shame he had to go. But oh well.

I’ll still learn those tricks, in his memory.

wen i read how he died i couldn’t stop imagining it…

R.I.P. pete:(

Rest in Peace buddy…

I was lucky enough to get to ride with pete when he came over to Oz for the Street weekend a few years back. He was a really genuine and nice guy. What he bought to the sport, and especially the documentation and filming of it will be sorely missed. if you look at some of the better NZ vids from the last few years you are sure to see some of pete’s glide cam action.