ABC Reality Show, Master of Champions Video Segment


I uploaded the Master of Champions video segment, featuring Dan Heaton and Zack Baldwin in to the gallery for those who missed the TV showing. I filmed the TV so its not a perfect picture but its still pretty good. The video is in two parts:

Part 1 (37 mb)

Part 2 (28 mb)

(I made this in a seperate thread so it would be easier to find, with it in the first post, then having to search through the pages of the other thread).


I finally got to watch it, thanks a lot! =p

How do you download from the Gallery, it used to have a “download movie” button, but it’s not there now?



Thanks for the video!

Scroll down, the download button is still there.

Not on my screen. It disappeared when I think the gallery software was upgradred, now I can’t download, I can only view in the browser which is no good on a slower connection.


Thanks for putting that on!

Did Zack actually do a 5ft (150cm) pedal grab?

Wow, that guy acctually drove his car over some cheese! Amazing!

Thanks for taping it…

Same here. Only, sometimes there is a button, and at others (like for these particular videos) there is no button. Ugh!

yes zack did do a 5ft pedal grab(he has the high jump record). Thanks for posting tis because all my parents recored for me to see was when they started ridingand after the judges said who they liked the best

Thanks, that’s awesome. I just wish they could have showcased Dan’s skill morre. Zack totally rocked, but the course was basically made for his style. Congrats guys.

I wonder what it was like riding in those lighting conditions…

thanks for taping. How much of an age difference is there between Zack and Dan because the judges made it seem like a big deal.

Thatnks for taping that for us…I really enjoyed it. But i would have liked to see Dan do some more stuff aswell.

No way, he did not do a 5’ pedal grab, a grab is usually around 10" lower than going to rubber so that would make it a 50" hop. I think the record to rubber is about 42".

I think that they meant that he was going up 5’ but not in one hop, like he hopped up that thing then on the phone booth…

Zack is 18, I think Dan is 23? 24? Something like that.

I think I liked Zacks part better too. He rode longer, and used more of the course. Dan didn’t really do all that much. The intro footage was way better than the competition footage!

That doesn’t make sense, I think you have it backwards. But yeah, the phone booth was 5’ high, he didn’t go all the way to the top of the phone booth from the ground.

Yeah… Someone should fix this prob… I use to download all the vids but now I can’t any more… Why did they change it…

I guess you can read that 2 ways. I mean that if you are grabbing an object you can hop about 10" lower than if you were hopping straight to rubber on it.

A pedal grab on a trials unicycle could get you an extra 15" so that would make his jump 45" (114cm) Is the the unofficial world record, or was that announced incorrectly?

Oh. So I guess it might be possible. I thought the record was about 42". But even still I doubt anyone would do something like that on tv and hop to get it first try after a few minutes of constant riding without a break.

That is kind of scary to think about, if someone could actually do that they could pedalgrab my head :astonished:

More impressive to me than the individual moves is the fitness of the guys to keep hucking all those moves in a row. Wonder what their heart rate got up to toward the end of the sessions. That will pump you silly.