48” Semcycle Deluxe

Apologies if this has been discussed before but thoughts on this?

I’ve seen this clip, and I want one. Shipping from US to Norway would be expencive, so we’ll see.

You’re in Oslo? Where and what do you ride?


I have 3 unicycles. The most recent arrived on Friday, a 36er (just a cheap Trainer/Titan).

Here is a 10 year old thread to provide some background on my other two unicycles.

To be honest I have not been riding much in recent years but you can see more about my (very recent) routes and plans for commuting if you look for the #enhjulssykkel hashtag on twitter :stuck_out_tongue:

32 or 36? It says 32 on Twitter. Maybe a group ride sometime? I know two others that may be interested.

Would love to meet up some time.

And yes I wrote that wrong and corrected it in a follow up tweet. It is a 36er :smiley:

I’ll try to arrange something before or after the summer holiday.

No brakes?

I debated it and went without. I may regret it. We shall see :stuck_out_tongue:

Brave man!

More likely stupid!

Pretty cool that they’re selling those giant unis on UDC US! I wonder if the UK will stock them :smiley:

And who needs brakes on a 36er? :sunglasses:

My thought is that Josh isn’t used to riding one. :slight_smile:

Hard tire Big Wheels handle very differently from 36ers with air tires. The hard rubber (which is a little softer on the Semcycle than the old-school TUF wheelchair rubber) acts like a road bike tire pumped up within an inch of its life. Very low friction, which makes most people tend to twist all over the place when they first ride it. Later on you figure out the low friction makes the things a breeze to make tight turns, spins and pirouettes on.

They are beautiful and eye-catching, but for the most part, not what you want to use for very long rides. The hard tire just gets old pretty fast. Some people may like it that way, but not me. I had a 45" uni for 20 years before I got my first Coker. Once I had the Coker, the 45" was relegated to just parades and shows. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight @johnfoss

Still, very temping nonetheless. I have to see what the pricing on these are and if they appear in a European (Ideally Denmark or Sweden) unicycle.com store.

The hard rubber also chips off with any rough road riding. That is the main reason I don’t ride my 40 incher much anymore, too expensive to replace the tire. They ride better on smooth surfaces.

Probably exposure to UV rays makes the material more brittle, or just time. I assume yours has the gray wheelchair rubber? I’ve seen a few examples of the Semcycle 48ers, and they have a more “elegant” red rubber that’s a little softer. I’m not sure how it holds up over time, but I bet sure Bungeejoe is…

I’ve replaced the tire on my 45" wheel twice, I think. Once around 1985, and again when Tom refurbished the whole wheel in 1994. Since then it’s been much lower mileage, though the tire now has about a 3/4" gap in it. I hope I don’t have to get it redone. Can you even still get that gray wheelchair rubber?

Tommy does not have access to the gray wheelchair rubber anymore. He said he could not replace my tire.:frowning: I will only ride it on a smooth surface if I take it for a spin.

Some solid tires -Greentyre, for example- are polyurethane.

Any more news on this?

Did anyone ever hear anymore about this? I’d still love to get one, one day.

Tommie will make you a 48, or something bigger, if you want. http://sillycycle.com/unicycle_factory/

I hope this is still true, but the above quote suggests it may be a problem. Most wheelchairs now use pneumatic tires. But there must still be some kind of product out there, including whatever the penny farthing guys use for their tires…