48” Semcycle Deluxe

It seems that some of the penny manufacturers (including UDC) are using a microcellular polyurethane tyre moulded in one piece, commissioned by Per-Olof Kippel of http://www.standardhighwheels.se (he makes his own beautiful pennies as well).

Per-Olof has two types of tyres available (racing and touring, with the former being lighter), in the following sizes: 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”, 56”. Since both he and UDC also offer hubs, spokes and rims, the only thing missing is a suitable unicycle frame(s). If someone were to make one, it would be possible to build a unicycle in any of these sizes.

UDC definitely have a team who could come up with and build a suitable frame made, if they wanted to. Perhaps the niche of interested riders is considered to be too small.

If it is just a question of frame, you can also have a custom frame builder (like Jacob Flansberry) to build you one :wink:

I would think that any wheelwright that does hard rubber tires on wagon/buggy wheels could also install hard rubber tires on a unicycle/penny farthing. Like this.

That’s what some people rode on before Tom Miller started making his Big Wheels in the late 70s. Those wagon wheels are HEAVY, but very visually striking and great for parades and shows. But I don’t know that those tires are made to fit bicycle rims; I guess it depends how much flexibility they have with the material.

What about this one: http://www.hiwheel.com/antique_replicas/unicycle.htm

38" - $684.00
48" - $774.00
52" - $904.00

Interesting… but that saddle. Not sure that is something I would want on a unicycle.

Greg Barron in Alameda sells black and red hard rubber tires in different sizes that would work on your large uni. He may even install a tire on yours when needed.

He also has some videos on how to install hard rubber tires. At: https://youtu.be/DxSDOzDoO-w

Thanks, that’s good to know! Someday I might need the upgrade. I may have even met Greg once upon a time, when the guys from Rideable Bicycle Replicas let me ride one of their Pennies in a race at the Davis Cyclebration. A 1-mile race on an athletics track. I was really fast on the first lap, but overdid it, and got handily passed by most of the field, who knew how to pace themselves on one of those machines… :stuck_out_tongue:

I still want one of those big unicycles but in the mean time I bought this instead

Wow cool, a while a go I looked on youtube how to mount those things. It seems easy enough, but it is quite high and what if you want to stop at the traffic light. You can’t just hold your legs out like with a normal bike to stand. Also steering must feel weird as your outer pedal will move away from you. Doesn’t the wheel hit your leg when you turn too much?
As a uni it must feel powerful to be able to mount such a big wheel. How much did you pay for it, in NOK?

A mount is relatively fast but more often than not I don’t need to. It is quite easy to time crossings. You have a great view that high up and it is easy to cycle it exceptionally slowly, if you need to.

Yes… if you turn too much. Generally you do not need to turn that tightly in the kinds of places where you would ride one.

¤21427 NOK ($2079/1908€/£1656)

EDIT: That is the total cost I paid including all extras, taxes, fees, shipping, etc.