40mm X 20mm Mystery Bearings exist!

what was originaly brought up by forget_your_life and later impacted by pdc can be yours!

its now only a matter of diligence with your Torker suppier…it took me two months to get them. i now have 3 pair!

these rare bearings allow for a flawless fit of kh 2004/2005 hubs to a frame with spec’ed 40mm bearing holders.



I’ve been following that struggle of yours…congratulations on the victory! :slight_smile: Just out of curiosity, what was involved in convincing the Torker people to track them down?



Fantastic, I can now get my Kh hub to fit properly in my Nimbus frame, now where’s my nearest torker dealer…

I thought Nimbi were 42mm?

I used them to make this beauty. '04 Onza Hub/Rowing Blizzard Frame

My Nimbus II extra wide 24" frame has 40mm bearing holders, this is why my 42mm KH bearings don’t fit properly and always make the bolts work loose. Good use of ‘Nimbi’.

i basicly told my shop to tell the Rep all about how hard to find the size was and that i wanted some spares…well 10 phone calls and 2 months later the Rep finally calls back…He says they could only sorce 5 pair, so the shop says “we will take them all!!!” (since they are so hard to find.)

i bought 3 pair and the shop still has 2

if anyone wants some of these, i would ask your Torker dealer now and stay on them about it…i think they only make these by request after request after request after request etc…so on and so forth. :roll_eyes: