40 mm bearings on a kh-onza hub?

ive got a standard kh-onza hub on a 24 in rim with a hookworm and i want to put on a 3 inch tire ive only got a frame that is 2.5 in and im on a buget so i cant get a kh 24 in frame and all the inexphensive are for 40 mm bearings instead of the 42mm on my hub. would putting some 40 mm bearings on the hub work?

the 40mm bearing holders will hold the 42mm beaings. they might take a bit of coaxing however but you dont need to get new bearings just a wider frame like the nimbus 2

thanx dude

are you speaking from experience? did you mod the bearing holders to make this work? unless you know this will work for sure, i wouldn’t be giving this advice to others… you could cost someone a lot of money when they order all the parts and find out it doesn’t fit… they could also damage the bearing holders / frame trying to make it work…

the kind folks at UDC advised me against trying to fit a KH hub (w/ 42 mm bearings) onto a Yuni frame (w/ 40 mm holders). they’ve also told me that there are no 40 mm bearings that fit the KH hub.

primus, if you’re feeling adventurous and you know someone who welds, you could order a Yuni frame and a set of 42 mm bearing holders and have 'em welded on… dunno where you’d get the holders, perhaps check out Grainger, MSC or McMaster-Carr…

I did it… but broke the bolts on the bearing holders… just get the right frame…

oh well i do speak from my personal experience with a bedford frame and a KH hub. its held up good for me. but if you have the money obviously get the new frame…the choice is yours.

If possible mtahc the frame with the bearing size… though I know the Nimbus II frame is dealing with my 42mm bearings no problem :smiley: ('cause I’m cheap ;))

Doesn’t Torker use a 40 mm X 20 mm bearing on their DX. This thread torker dx bearings, anyone got some??? gives information about getting these bearings. Seems that they should work!?

well, they are wrong…One on One posted the right link to a thread about how to get then… there are a few other threads about the “torker Mystiery” bearings as well.

and here is the grandaddy thread of then all,…this thread was one of my most important news flashs to the fora ever…40mm X 20mm Mystery Bearings exist!

hopfully one day it will be common knowledge but it still seems alot of folks dont think 40mm X 20mm bearing are out there, but in fact they are…canabalizing frames for parts paid much knowlege that day…ahhh reflect.


Don’t say that! I’ve just ordered a splined hub and cranks from UDC for my Nimbus II frame!

It’ll be good.

I rode 42mm KH bearing in a 40mm nimbus Muni frame for years, no problems atall.

ONZA munis and trial unis comes with a nimbus II frames, with 42mm bearingholders, and it sure works.


so are these 40 by 20s the same size that comes stock on a dx?

if so can i just take them off the dx hub without ruining them?

will this work for the new kh isis hub?

-thanks far any info

Yes, those are the very bearings. It wont harm them to switch them over.

I have a Yuni frame with 40mm bearing holders and I upgraded to the KH/Onza hub and cranks. Darren Bedford said it would be fine with 42mm bearings and I have had no problems at all.