Torker DX Bearings - I think I have a line on them. Need some?

I have a call into Seattle bikes, distibuter of Torker. I’ve gotten a part # and am waiting on a phone call for availability. I can order some extra sets if anyone needs some. They are 20mm x 40mm x 12mm. I need them to put an Onza hub onto my Rowing frame.

if your absolutly positive they are 20x40 i’ll take 4 of them…how much?

Still waiting on a call back, haven’t got a price yet. I’ll be happy to pass them on at whatever the cost is + shipping. I will order at least 2 pair extra. (you did mean 4 pieces not 4 pair?)

yeah 2 pair for a total of four bearings.

Once you have the part number you should be able to order them from any bike shop that carries Torker (or any bike shop that can order from SBS Seattle Bike Supply). The hard part is getting the part number because that part isn’t in the catalog. Once you have the part number it should be just a matter of ordering them.

So what’s the part number?

Part# is 132294

I got a phone call from Seattle today. He was only had 1 pair in stock, those are on the way to my LBS. He said they should have more in, in about a week. You should be able to order them with the above part # through your LBS.

great news … thx PDC !

Or browse their entire catalog.

Edit: Looking a little closer, they don’t have 40 by 20mm on that page… maybe somewhere else? If there’s a bearing made, I find it hard to believe McMaster Carr doesn’t carry it.

You should see the printed version! Its bigger than most dictionaries. :astonished:


Yea, I’ve seen them… my dad’s a machinist and deals with them.

we have already done all that research…they dont have it…belive it!

thanx PDC, i see about that #

I got 'em!!

Tell your LBS to talk to Kemp at Seattle bike.

what do those numbers mean? 20 mm wide 40 tall 12 inner diameter? Are the same bearings going to be on the new DX?


20 is inside diameter 40 is outside diameter 12 is width.
I din’t know what will be on the '06.

i think you got the only pair in the whole country…mine have been on back order for about 2 months now and they still dont have any more in stock.

Are these the same width as profile and KH bearings? Am I correct in thinking this would let me put a KH hub on a frame designed for a Profile hub?


ok man. so your telling me to go to a local bike shop and ask them to talk to a seadle bike shop about bearings. i have no idea what size i have hut they are dead. if anyone know what size comes on the new torker(wich i have) please tell me. i dont think i can last muc h longer without unicycling;) :roll_eyes:

o yeah. i need some bearins :roll_eyes: