29'er stand?

I am looking for a uni stand that would work for my 29’er. I’d like to have it in my office at work so that uni would be nearby but not laying on the floor or propped against the wall.

The stands that uni.com has are for smaller size wheels. Anyone know where I could get one suitable for a 29’er or if there is a simple way (stress is on ‘simple’ here) to make one?


a guitar stand might work?

Re: 29’er stand?

Perhaps string a colored rope from the suspended ceiling joints…


You’re a sissy. I just idle my Coker at my desk after I’ve ridden in for the day. Why get off of it at all? I thought you were tougher than that. Maybe they have some silly, restrictive code where you work that doesn’t permit you to unicycle at the same time. I’d quit if I were you.

Good point Harper, a job isn’t worth keeping if you can’t do it while uni’ing.!

That said, I did bring a uni into my recent 6 weeks of course selections with grade 9’s. It was my opener and the lead in to my theme for the year, which was ‘balance for the future’.

The new KH-24 won’t fit in a standard stand either. The guitar stand is an excellent idea, I have one at home in the attic I think. I’ll try it out tonight and see if it works and let ya’ll know.

I’ve got one of these in my office:

Solo Bike Rack

I hang my uni off a hockey gear stand at home and work. It’s nice because it also has space to hang my helmet and gloves.

Thread jack, please forgive -

Did you ride it in the classroom? I’m going to do a speech on unicycling but don’t know if I should bring it in or just talk about it…

Show and Tell is always better.

did anyone try the guitar stand?

…did you have a chance to try out your stand with a 29’er wheel, Phil? Will it work? I’m still interested. :smiley:

I couldn’t find mine…I might have thrown it out the last time I moved…

i am anticipating the arrival next week, i will post it then.

I’ve widened the curved bit (just bent it a bit further) at the top of my unicycle.com stand and it just about holds my nimbus 28" now. Its far from ideal though.

For those wondering about the Solo Bike Holder, try this link:
The one originally posted had too many "http://"s in it. For some odd reason it made my Firefox browser go to the Microsoft homepage.

That Solo rack looks pretty cool in its simplicity. Of course you need a wall, and a unicycle will hang upside down, but it could be great in the garage or apartment.

I never use unicycle stands myself. I have a couple and I use them once a year, when I do my show in the middle of the street at the Modesto Family Bicycle Day. It’s a wide street, so I have to fill up the space! At work, my unicycle leans against the wall.

The solo rack looks sweet in its simplicity. Won’t work on our cinder block school walls though and my office is sooooooo small there is no room to lean it against the wall there so I am planning on standing the uni in the hallway outside of my office. The hallway, in contrast to my office, is wide and spacious. (Go figure 1950’s architecture.) The uni stand would insure the uni is upright thus looking its best.

Just be sure you can keep an eye on it. You never know who might find it just too tempting.

…yup, thought of that…the plan’s all in place to lock it up…used to work in a jail…thinking things might be jacked comes too easy to me now…:frowning:

i found one for 2 bucks at a thrift shop today, works great!