24 X 3.00 Intense MUni Tires On Sale Now!!!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to announce that we have a special summer sale going on at uniproshop. This is for the 24" X 3.00" Intense MUni tires that many people are using right now including myself. I think it’s a great tire and it’s much cheaper in price than most 24 X 3.00 tires.

As many people already know, mountain b*kers have switched to 26" wheels therefore 24" tires are harder and harder to find. In fact I just checked unicycle.com and they aren’t even selling any at the moment! I hope we can find and sell more 24 X 3.00 tires in the future but I guess time will tell…

We have a limited supply of these out-of-production tires so get them now before it’s too late. Stock up on them if you’d like so you can be sure to have a nice tire for years to come. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m really trying to push these tires but I do think they are wonderful MUni tires and just want to give everyone a heads up that 24 X 3 tires might be very difficult to find in the near future. Also, the price of these tires will be going up in a few weeks so buy them soon!

Check out uniproshop for more details. If you’d like to place an order, email is the best at info @ uniproshop dot com but you can call if you’d like.


What’s the price? The website doesn’t seem to be working; I get “DNS lookup error”…

Comes up for me, it’s $34.95.

Here’s a screenshot, and they did a great job with the ad it looks great!

They don’t make 24" tires anymore? I have obtained a decent amount in the past year and i just bought a 24 X 3.0 a couple days ago. Up Here in Canada they are still relatively easy to get. I dont think 24" was ever the MTB standard so by no means are they (or were they) ever as easy to get as 26" tires but I don’t think they are any less popular now.

There are very, very few places to get a good 24x3 DH tire in the US. Uniproshop is the only one who has the Intense. UDC is out of 24x3’s and their prices are much higher!

Yes, 26" is now pretty much the standard for mtb, and intense and most other mtb tire makers have ceased production of the 24x3 size. You can however, still find narrower 24’s, like 2.5 or less, but I would never run anything less than 3.0.

Sorry if I made it sound like they don’t make 24" tires anymore because they do. It’s just that the 24 X 3.00 tires are pretty uncommen and hard to find and I think in the near future they might not be available at all because the MUni demand just isn’t big enough and I don’t think many b*kers are using them…

26 always has been the standard, I haven’t heard of anyone stopping production of 24" tires. I run 26/24 dual 3.0 on my freeride bike and I haven’t had any problems finding tires. I think there is a conspiracy going on in americatown, your government is hording all of the 24" X 3.0 tires and telling you there is a shortage.

I just hope you’re right and I’m wrong for all us MUnicyclist that love 24 X 3.00 tires!! :slight_smile: Guess only time will tell…

I used to run a 24 inch wheel on the back of my hardtail and a 26 inch in front. Made it easy to pop into a manual but also had the effect of lots of pedal pushing and slow speeds.

That tire looks cool. I would get it for 35 bucks if I had a muni. RRG.

thats a damn good deal…

How long is this going on for?

Not giving away when it ends but I will say it will end soon and then the price will more likely jump to $45 so get them now while they are on sale!!

Do you have an actual store here in California?

Yes it’s in Westminster, CA! But as we are subleasing part of a BMX shop there is not much at the store right now…

oh dont worry about it anyway its a bit of a drive… 462 mi – about 7 hours 11 mins
up to 8 hours 40 mins in traffic

Im up in NORCAL

I’m wondering if the Intense Co. still has any matching DH 24x3 TUBES left…or did you get those too? I’d love to see if you had those and could also sell them at a great price, like you did with those awesome tires! :smiley:

I have one Duro 24 X 3.00 tube in stock for sale for $20. Or I can order these Nokian 24 X 3.00 tubes also for $20 each if you want. Just let me know!

BTW-The Intense Tires are going fast so order soon if you want a great MUni tire for a great price! Prices will be going up $10 in the near future so get them while they last and/or while they are on sale!!!

Thanks Jamie for my Intense tires.

I’ve spoke to some other parties and it seems ALL 24 X 3 tires may be going the way of the DoDo.

I did some comparison mesuring with the Duro and it seems thay are almost exactly the same size carcuss. I think the Intense tire may be a bit taller at the tread center. I did notice they Intense tire was quite a bit more firm in the sidewalls. It doesn’t seem to wallow as bad as the Duro @ low PSI, but it doesn’t seem to be as bouncey which is good and bad. It would seem to be a better tire for big drops, I guess that is why Unigeezer likes them. I also think the tread is a harder compound which will equate in a better wear rate.

Thanks Again,
My buddy just order a couple from you also.


Glad you like the tire, but I’m not surprised since it’s so awesome! My intense tire gives me plenty of bounce, but also added control thanks to the great tread design! And yeah, it WILL wear a looong time-much longer than the duro for sure! Intense tires rule! Thanks Jamey!:smiley:

I got my Intense tires a few weeks ago from Jamey and finally had the chance to use them at Romero Canyon. Either I’m getting better or the tire did all the work :wink: