24 or 29er?

I finally have the money saved up and I am going to buy a muni. I am having trouble deciding between the 24in. KH or the 29in. KH. What are some of the pros/cons of each? If i got the 29er would I ever want or need the 24in? Because I am thinking that eventually i may own both, or would that be unnessecary?

I want to be able to ride technical stuff, but also plan on doing alot of singletrack and fireroad.

Which do you prefer for muni, and which should I buy first, or is it pointless to own both? (also, FYI I also plan on eventually buying a 36er)

The ideal machine for technical Muni is a 24" It’ll be boring on firetrails.
A 29er is less capabile for technical stuff, but much better on firetrails.

If you’re going to get a 36er anyways, get the 24" A 36er is great for firetrails.

Having short cranks (125s) available will make the 24" more tolerable for firetrails.

Are you planning on doing a lot of uphill riding? If so, I would recommend the 24".

Thanks, that’s kinda what i was thinking. How durable are 36ers? Would I be able to take it on fairly rocky trails?

I have both setup with 150mm cranks. I think the differences boil down to whether you want to roll and go faster with a KH29 or tackle really steep/rocky/rooted trails with a KH24. The KH29 is more fun for fireroads and singletrack, but the KH24 is better when natural trials is involved. You also should consider who you plan to ride with because you’ll probably have more fun if your pace is about the same.

hmm, I ride alone for the most part…But i think i am going to get the KH24 and then in a couple months i will get a nimbus 36er…maybe i will get that in january with all the money i get for my birthday(im turning 18 and having a big party so lots of people @ party = lots of cards with money :smiley: )

woop. thanks for the advice guys…I think that with colder weather aproaching i will be doing more technical stuff and less distance stuff. KH24 here i come!

(also, phlegm the line under your name cracks me up)

I wouldn’t. The narrower (and lighter?) 29x2.1 tire on a KH29, in my experience, climbs just as easily (on a typical steep fireroad climb) as the 24x3 Duro on my KH24.

Have you ridden either a 24 or 29 yet? If you’ve only ridden a 20 before, then you may find that jumping strait to a 29 and expecting to do technical trails quite disheartening.

Getting a 24 now will be fine for the technical stuff, and it will be fine for the fire roads too. However, once you’ve gone up to a 29, you’ll never be able to go back to the 24 for fire roads. It’ll just seem too slow. But until you know the difference, you won’t notice.

Likewise, once you’ve got your 36, you probably won’t want to touch your 29 for fire roads!

Not sure if that actually helps at all though.


Stay away from steel rims and narrow hubs (stock coker). Other than that, they’re plenty strong. Depends on what you mean by “fairly rocky”. For “medium technical” a 29er might be better. Still, you might be surprised what a 36er can handle.

The nimbus is a screaming deal. It should be able to handle anything you have the courage for.

I have never ridden a 29er but I once rode a 24inch. That is part of the reason why I have decided to go with the 24in. for now. After I get the KH24 I think i am going to get the nimbus 36er. I am interested in doing distance riding and figure I can use the 36er for fast road riding and fireroad/singletrack type stuff. Then, if i feel the need, i may get a 29er. Or perhaps i will get a 29er and then 36er? (or just 36er haha…i feel so indecisive.)

I tend to agree. The technicality of a trail, more so than the steepness, dictates what the wheel size should be. For climbing, momentum is your friend, and it’s harder to keep momentum on a smaller wheel. Of course, once you’re in a situation where you’re cranking out half a rotation at a time, leverage is your friend, and smaller wheels/longer cranks are better at that.

Even when climbing gets to half rotations though, I feel like the two KH sizes are pretty evenly matched because of the tire sizes. Maybe I’d feel differently if I had a lighter, narrower tire on my KH24.

wow, noone has even mentioned a 26" KH yet…

I would suggest building up a KH 26 muni. faster than a 24, and still able to do very technical stuff.

KH 29 frame
KH seat
KH seatpost ect.
KH hub/ cranks(I’d guess 165’s would be good)
rim of your choice
tons of tires, pcik one.

When I got my 24" I was actually really surprised because it was a heck of alot faster than i thought it would be. I would go with the 24" but do trails with more climbing and you’ll like it.

I was gonna mention making a 26 inch muni.

Then you can still do technical stuff, and have good speed. Best of both worlds. =p

buy a 29 and add a 2.55 to it its inane technical and fast

If i were to get a 26in. would the Sun Mammoth 26 x 2.0 Rim be a good choice?

I know the sun doublewide rim would work great in it, as seen here.

Or you can also use an Alex rim as in this one.

I’d go for the sun doublewide, because I think it’s a better rim, though certainly both are great rims. I believe the sun doublewide is wider than the alex rim, so then I’d choose that one. There are also tryall rims in 26".