The Real KH26

Well i finally learned how to post the pictures and what not of my KH 26" uni.

This has been my project over the the last month or so.


KH 29" frame

profile wheelset with 175mm black cranks, Swiss DT spokes, Alex dx32 rim (bought wheelset complete from pdc, but now has chrome 150mm cranks)

Jimmy C. pedals

Gazzaloddi tire (perfect clearance in the frame)

Old style KH seat post (much lighter than new adjustable one)

KH gel seat (now has airseat for those long xc rides)

And Magura Hydraulic brake (had to make a mount out of aluminum to fit the brake on, but was an easy to do fix)

This Muni is the king of the trails. It really is much faster than my 24 and rolls things better. Mine weighs just over 16 lbs. so its not terribly heavy either.

I dont think i will ever go back to a 24.

Im not sure how the pics will turn out, but here they are. There was more also but i couldn’t resize them right to put this on.

Nice uni.
That brake fit was just the same what was in mine mind:)
Anyway, ride that beast till it’s black from the dirt.


Very nice. That 29er frame fits the wheel pretty good (except the brake, but your fix looks great).

Its too clean.

tha’s beautiful! can’t wait to see you at MOAB! what happened to your 24"?

i still have the 24. i just ride the 26 more now. And i hope i can make it to moab. i need some money.

That looks very nice. I like the break mounts you rigged up.

Why did you go with JCs for a muni? Aren’t they a little slick? I love them for street, but wouldn’t even consider them for muni. Have you tried that configuration out yet? I’m curious how they do for muni.

Where did you get those mounts? Did you make them? If so, nice work!

The JC’s are great for Muni! They are wide and grippy.

Me and my dad made them. Didn’t take to long.

hey, does your 24 still have the gazz and the brake on it?

Nice uni

That is so cool! I ride a similar 26" MUni (Suzue hub, no brake, Pashley frame, Doublewide rim); I’m wondering what to do when I finally outgrow a square taper, and this looks like a super approach.

Have you tried a Gazz Jr? 26 x 2.6. It has a similar volume to the 24x3.0 and is the same weight, so it would be a lot lighter than the 3.0 with excellent riding characteristics. Also it is a little narrower with respect to the rim, so in effect it has better sidewall support.

That look’s pretty nice. Any word on the cost though?

about 6 or 700 bucks I think

To answer mornish’s question, yes i still have the Gazz on my 24"

U-turn) yes I have tried a 2.6 on it. It nice for XC but I think i still like a 3.0 better.

Habbywall) this complete uni cost

Frame- $170
wheelset- $528 (I got mine from “pdc” for $400)
Seat post- $20?
Seat- $20?
Seatpost clamp- $5
Pedals- #30
Gazz Tire- #60
Magura brake- $170

Total = $1,003

wtf i got the same one for 120 at my lbs

yep im pretty sure its $170 on UDC. I bought it with my KH 24 so i dont know what they are separate.

i realy like it. do you have aney action shots or pics with it nexto another uni

NO, i dont have any other shots of it. But next to my KH24 it looks noticably bigger. It’s about from the rim to the top of the tire bigger than my KH 24 with a Gazz.Yep, I really like this Muni. With the 175mm cranks you can power through anything, and with the 145 (actually 150) you can cruise along and it doesn’t feel so slow like my 24.