24 or 29er?

boo just get a 36 and be done with it!!


I’d just buy the KH24 and don’t mess around upgrading to a 26 or anything.

You’re new to muni, you don’t know what you want to ride yet, and the KH24 comes in a nice simple package that all works well together. There’s no point going custom just for the sake of it. In a few years once you know what trails you want to ride and what your style of riding is, you’ll be in a much better position to build a custom uni if you feel you need it.

Most of the difference between 24 and 26 disapppears once you’ve got a decent level of skill. I ride a 26 just because it’s what there was when I first got a muni, but I’ve ridden 24s a fair bit, they’re not really noticeably slower if you can pedal well, but there isn’t much difference in leverage for the same crank length between the two sizes either. The only major advantage that 26 has is the large range of tyres available, but for most muni purposes that doesn’t make much difference.

Also, you live right near the Rocky Mountains, so you’re likely to want a brake at some point in the future. The KH24 makes it super easy to add the brake, whereas you have to mess around if you use a different frame or a 26 in a 29 frame.


thank you, that really helps solidify my decision in the KH24.