24 Hour Race: Ontario, May 19/20

Cool beans. Let’s rock.

Do these accommodations include the BEST pizza in Canada??

Only if Darren comes again and bring a few double pizza box like two years ago.

I’d love to come, but A) $$ is tight (last semester of university, I hope, for a long time! ;)) and B) I’d have to ride on the US team (which is ok, since I’m a Yank) but then I’d be riding against the Canadian team (which would be bad, because I’m a Canuck) so in the interest of neutrality, I’ll have to sit the race out yet again :frowning: If I can get the time though, I might come out to watch and cheer for my favorite team… teams… people… :slight_smile:

No, dude. We need you!

Funny that you just posted steve. I’m just exporting and uploading a clip from last year’s 24 hour race (roughly how it will be in Inner Balance…which is FINALLY rolling along smoothly) that I was going to send as a sneak peak to all those who sign up, should let you see what the course is all abou…oh…and pump you up like crazy to ride there :slight_smile:

check your inboxes in an hour or so, those who have officially signed up (and adam)

Can I pay on may 19th?

What about those of us who aren’t actually attending this year?

you can wait for inner balance to come out :slight_smile:

i have to pay for the full team spots by the beginning of april, i need the cash by then please.

I’m in for sure. I had a blast year!!!

Who is all thinking about going this year? I am very excited. It’s the only event that I’ve taken part in so far, and it’s a solid weekend of fun. Hope to see lots of you this year!

alright, Roland is official, thanks Roland!

and for that beautiful artwork you also provided, it would make a great tattoo!

Let’s see a pic!

Is Adam official yet?

And what about everybody else? Team Canada has 5 riders but Team USA needs a couple more. Let’s go guys and gals!

I’m thinking podzol, unipsychler, shibumi, any of you Cali guys.

Nah, it was just some children’s scribbles.

Official Riders to date:

Brian MacKenzie (schlumpf29)
Jason Mackenzie (24)
Steveyo (29)
Roland (24)
Tim Morin (36)

Hey Brian… any idea if we’ll be in the same cabin as last year? Hope so. It’s location was mint. Although, I’m thinking about pitching a tent this year.

They do their best to schedule the same cabins. rest assured that if we have different cabins this time, our teams will be beside each other. But I’m pretty sure they know by now to put the unicycle cabins close to the woods :slight_smile:

Word, or should i say “mot”.

Why do you always say that?

Because… me I like that, me. Sac!!!