24 Hour Race: Ontario, May 19/20

Two teams are registered for the anual Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous race in Mansfield Conservation Area outside of toronto, Ontario,for the long weekend of May 19/20 2007.

There are many spots available as they are two 5 man teams. (2 unicycle teams out of 25 total allowed teams…plus several solos, not sure of the number)

I will talk to the event organzier to see if we can get an award for a unicycle category, instead of just riding willy nilly at the event, let’s make this an actual competition.

Adam and his incredible cokering abilities are easily matched and competitive with vince lemay, (and I think I’m willing to put my money on vince…you heard me, Adam!)

Potential team members (no team spots are garunteed until I get the race fee of $170/person, these are just people who have expressed a potential interest)

1)Brian Mackenzie
2)Tim Morin
3)Vince Lemay
4)Owen Kirby
5)Julien Kapoute
6)Joel Burgess
7)Adam Cohen
11-12…if there is enough interest for 12 riders, and two solo spots open, me and tim are each going to do it solo (any other solo interests?)

The race fee of $170 includes a cabin and shower/bathroom for the weekend, 3 delicious, filling, endurance race inspired meals, treat back with things like blankets or hats or shirts…these prizes keep getting nicer each year)

It’s still a long time away, but it comes around quickly, and we keep ending up with only 4 people on a team. (which increases the price that much more)
The track is suitable for 24-36", and is about 12 km a lap)

You need to have lights for this one.

(9) Roland Kays (aka Rolandisimo)
and I call he’s on my team.

Brian, I assume you’ll have the necessary patching equipment? For a ride like this it seems to be essential.

wait…ROLAND??? is he on a 5 man team by himself??

while the trails here do have the odd thorn, it’s not uncommon for a 29" tube to pinch flat. we have everything you need…even toques (that’s canadian for ‘warm hat’) and mittens if the weather goes bad

I should also mention that the $170 is in Canadian funds.

I’m familiar with toques.

Hey Brian -

Is there a website for this race yet?

Who and where do Roland and I send our money to?

I would love to do this, but since I don’t have a job at the moment I have no clue what my work life will be like by then.

I’m very interested though.

the website is www.wowmtb.com (look under events)

I am the team captain for both teams, (meaning I had to pay the downpayment for both, and the full price for both come off of my visa card) so all the money needs to come to me.

I don’t have to pay the remainder of the race fees until march, but by that time, all the people who said they were interested can easily decide not to go (now that everyone else has made their long weekend plans already) leaving me having to cover the rest out of my pocket, and having less than full teams.

That’s why I say that you can tell you are interested if you want, but your spot isn’t gaurunteed until I get the funds from you. (check or money order works)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can I paypal you? If so, will 150 $US cover it? I’m so in.

Julien Kapoute… yeah good job brian…also a maglight isnt enough for this race, except if you want to go talk to a bear in the wood

Yeah, I’m in too.

I unfortunatly can’t go to many unicycle races or meeting in a year, but I wouldn’t want to miss that one for sure!


P.S.: Don’t tell Brian… but I’ll put my money on Adam, and will let him pass me just at the finish line!

Maybe we can make this Canada VS USA? If we get a 3rd team, we can also let the Quebecers race!

$150us via paypal sounds good to me sir…brian (at sign) LBMmultimedia (tiny circle) com

PS: Why does Vince always say Word??

OK - so we can sign up now, and scramble up the teams at a later date, right?

what i am thinking is for maximum enjoyment for everyone.

one year there was a team with kris holm, ryan atkins, and 3 other just about as good people. another team had 5 n00bs-intermediate riders.

that’s not fun.

last year, we had two teams that were divided up on race day based on assumed skill levels. it wasn’t really a competition, it was 8 guys just riding (only 2 4 man teams) so each team started at the same time, if one guy before the next guy, both teams waited to start the next lap (testing to see if riding together was more fun than ‘racing’ in a non-competitive event.

this second option was kinda fun, but also took away the ‘need’ to push yourself.

this is going to be my 5th year, and i think for the fun of everybody, if we take the 10 people and divide them into equal teams (based on perceived skill levels) and have those 2 teams actually compete (if the race officials won’t make an extra category, I will come up with some prize for the winning team) this would be fun for everyone, and also allow everyone to want to try their best for the team.

BUT…if the intersted people who sign up end up being 5 US and 5 CDN’s, well, we may as well make it teams based on that.

M biggest goal is to have two teams competing each having the ability to win, based on determination at that race. The previous race i was talking about with Kris and Ryan…that team won. (they won nothing, as there was no uni category, and they certainly didn’t beat the better bike teams!)

but…I am open to anything. however the 10 competitors choose to race, I’m easy, just making a suggestion as to what would be the most fun. (also, both 5 man teams would have the option of keeping the same teammates next year)

eidt: Steve…NONE of your relatives, friends, etc…are getting married that weekend??


OK Brian - I’m officially in. Let me know when you get my $.

…sounds cool…

If they are, I won’t go to their wedding. Poor planning on their part…

Brian, I’m in for this one. Can you take a check from a US bank for $150? If so, where to send it?

Yeah, Ro!

Yeah, Ro!

please send it to my home address:

brian mackenzie
1235 huron #601
london, ontario

warning to everyone else thinking about participating…Roland will be racing against you :frowning: <gulp!>

Uh uh, he’s gonna be on my team - I call, and I call you can’t call!