24 Hour Race: Ontario, May 19/20

whats up with roland? is he a mega super athlete?

he’s like you but good

(he’s a mega super athlete)

I’ve got a nice new knobby Coker Tire put on the side for this one :wink:

so it almost looks like

team canada:

team usa:
(you guys know two more?)

Ziggy said he might be able to make it. He needs a little more time to train. :astonished:

well, he’s probably just abvout my level as is…:frowning:

We need two more munieers for this 24 hr race. That’s assuming Adam (JustOneWheel) is really in!

This race is limited to a small field of teams (25 I think) so there’s not so much MTB traffic compared to the races with hundreds of teams. Also, each team gets their own cabin, and the 3 included meals are supposedly great food.

The race’s name (lifestyles of the rich and famous) is indicative of the pampering you get while you’re there.

So who wants a spot? We’ve got 3 pretty fast riders so far, and we want to beat the formidable Canadian team.


Can you provide more detail about the ride itself. Is it a road ride or muni? What are the rules? Is it a loop we ride for 24 hours or other? Is there a website for the race to find more info?

Hey Greg! Check out the earlier posts of this thread to find out all you need to know. It’s muni (about a 12K loop). We’re looking for a team of 5. I dont think it’s ultra-technical…can anyone here add detail to that?

Are you and Adam riding Cokers?

I don’t know if Adam’s coming for sure. I’ll almost definitely ride my KH29.

I’d like to join you guys but I’ll have to see. I’m not as proficient muni’ing on my 36’er as I am on the street. I’m trying to work out a deal on a 26" Surly Conundrum. If I iron out the deal and get it soon enough and have time to train I’ll go.

Yeah, boy!

From 2006 race:
Only 24 teams of 5 will be accepted, plus 15 solo racers.
135 racers in total.

Brian, what was the elevation change in last years race? Is it the same course? Same location?

I won’t be attending (Edit: I’m still learning Muni), but I thought It might be fun to visit the east coast and do it next year.

Sorry guys, I don’t think we can make it this year. Too many trips already this year. Have a great time!


I don’t enjoy riding anything else.

I’m looking forward to it!

Yebbut, are you definitely doing this race, Adam?

i don’t know much about elevation measurements, but it is quite a tiny escarpment that the ride is on. it’s all up and down, but there is only one big up.

the terrain itself is tecnical (rocks, roots, etc…but the trail is well beaten down and itself not too technical. roots, hills, and trail twists are what this course is about.

suited for 24-36 wheels, it’s at the same location as last year, but the course might not be identical (it’s a network of trails) the courses have all been similar to each otehr in the past though

My Coker and I are there!