Two riders needed for Canadian Luxury 24-hr US team

Hey all you Muni freaks! We need two more riders to round out our 24hr Muni team for the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” race. The Canada guys have their 5 riders, but the US team only has 3 riders confirmed so far.

Here’s Brian MacKenzie’s thread which has all the details, and here’s the website of the race itself (click the “Events” button).

It’s being held about an hour North of Toronto at the Mansfield Outdoor Centre, and it’s billed as a very luxurious 24hr race. Gourmet meals, deluxe cabins for each team, and, perhaps best of all, a very limited field of 25 teams, so not so many of the funky two-wheeled thingies to get in the way (of). This should be a fantastic time for all involved, as past participants will attest.

For the US team we have Adam Cohen from LI, a muni-coker-riding animal. We have Roland Kays, just a plain old animal. And me (Steve Relles), the weak link, but not actually that weak. We’d love to beat some bike teams, and, of course the Canadian Uni team, too!

So come-on, folks! How about some of you Cali guys - it’s worth a fly-in! How bout some of you guys from VA or TX? NJ and PA ? What about you Mainers?

Let’s ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK, Muni-folks!

don’t have enough riders, eh?

I guess we could do it with three, or we could poach one of your teammates. We could also just make Roland ride extra, which would be our best bet.

Problems - legs too tired to be as fast as TeamCanada, more expensive, not enough sleep…

I attended last year, and I had a great weekend. The meals were tasty and filling, the people were awesome, and the trails are a treat no matter what size uni you ride.

and you sleep in a cabin protected from the elements, you can take showers, there’s a fire pit, the trails are uncrowded, everyone sleeps close to the start/finish line, and the treat bags they give out are getting better each year.

and after your lap, you throw down your uni, and laugh at the bikers cleaning their chains

Man you Canadians are proper wusses. Proper 24 hour races have you camping in the woods at -7 degrees C. That sorts em out for sure.


No, we also have shitty 24 hour races, there’s just no point in going to those ones

Team USA vs Team Canada is no long an option. there are now 6 canadian riders riding (unless more people wish to sign up and bump two canadian riders into the solo category)

We will mix the teams up on perceived skill/unicycle wheel size to best equalize the teams (I’m team captain of both teams so i can make that call :slight_smile: )

Why don’t you come here for a -30 Celcius Muni ride. We’ll see if you can last the two hour ride, nevermind the whole night. -7C…that’s cold…wuss.

Awesome, do you have any rideable trails when it’s that cold, or are they all snowed in too deep to ride? Cold trails are so much fun. For sure any time I have to be in Toronto at the cold time of year I’d be up for that.


We in fact do have rideable trails most of the winter. The skidoos and hikers keep them packed nicely. The colder, the better. Last few rides i went on, it felt like i was riding on concrete. If you are ever in T.O. let me know if you’re up for a ride, whichever season it may be. I’m only 3 hours north from there.

Hey Joe - I’d use care with this guy, Tim Morin.

I knew a bunch of North Bay guys and gals who comprised an ultimate (disc) team called the Nads. (Go-Nads!) Seriously. Those were some of the craziest, hardest-partying mofos I’ve ever bumped into. As I recall, they all had that same look in their eyes as Tim has.

They’d take roadtrips to tourneys by renting a U-Haul truck, setting up a keg, stereo, and sofas in the back and driving umpteen hours to their destination. Upon arrival, they’d all fall out, the floor of the truck covered in a mixture of beer and sweat. :astonished: They’d play hard ultimate all weekend, and pile back in for a similar return trip. They were all big, meaty monsters.

I only hope we draw Tim for our team in this race. :smiley: :smiley:

HeyTim, are these the guys you know??? That would be too weird!

I think ultimate disc is like football. We were playin golf with discs at the ski hill.

Although, there’d be a fair chance i may know some of the people that Steveo is referring to.

and by the way, we only have that look in our eyes before we’re drunk. After a few we look pretty well normal.

I’m in baby! I don’t know what unicycle I’ll be riding yet but I just cleared my schedule for that weekend. Steveyo, I promise I won’t talk politics or religion. We’ll get along like peas and carrots.

Anybody interested in carpooling?

That’s fantastic!

you need to paypal me $170cdn at onewheel - at - rogers - dot - com in order to lock in your position, as i need to pay for both teams in full before the race, as indicated in this thread: 24 Hour Race: Ontario, May 19/20

you are going to have a great time!!

(one more american, and tim can go solo, giving us can vs us teams :slight_smile: )


First - US guys - remember your passport!!

Awesome Gregg! I’ll make the same promise. Peas and carrots, baby.

I’m not sure the fastest way for you or Adam is through Albany. GoogleMaps says you two should go though PA and hit the NYS Thruway in Syracuse. If Albany’s what you decide, talk to Adam about getting up to here. If either of you two has a big enough vehicle, Roland and I can jump in. Either that, or we’ll take two vehicles. If we want to, I may have a buddy we can stay with in Buffalo on Friday night, then cruise the last two hours to the race Saturday morning.

Right - you have 6 Canadians. We (the US guys) can ride with four if Tim wants to go solo.